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  UK Eurovision entry James Fox
Updated 12 May 2004, 11.46
James Fox is the UK Eurovision entry
The semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest is on Wednesday night, with the main event taking place on Saturday.

Newsround's website caught up with UK entrant and ex-Fame Academy pupil James Fox to find out about his attempt to win in Turkey.

How are you feeling about Eurovision?
I'm getting excited. I didn't realise how big a deal it was until I got here. Everyone is taking it very seriously. The competition is huge, there are loads of people around. It's wicked, really good.

How do you think you'll do?
I've not really sussed out the competition yet. I think there are four or five other good songs around - and some really bizarre ones as well! The rehearsals have gone really well so I'm quietly confident at the moment.

Is your song a typical Eurovision song?
Not really, it's a bit different to most of the others. It's a country rock/ballad kind of thing. It's quite like some of the entries that Ireland used to have, and they were very successful so we're hoping this does as well. Everyone else is going for a typical euro-pop style number, except us.

Turkey were the winners in 2003
Turkey were the winners in 2003
Have you seen much of Turkey?
I've seen a bit of it. It's not like I expected at all. I've been out and about and have looked at a few palaces. Istanbul is a very nice place. The weather has been a bit changeable but today it's brilliant, really warm.

What else have you been up to?
I've been doing some rehearsing, but it's the semi final on Wednesday so we've been watching some of that too.

It's been quite chilled so far, which has been good because I've spent lots of time promoting the single in the UK in the last month or so, it's good to have a bit of a break.

It's all going to get busy tomorrow, really busy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We're all watching the semi-final tonight which should be good, we get to see some of the opposition.

Have you met any of the other contestants?
We're all in the same hotel so it's a bit hard to avoid them. We've met up with the Swedish group quite a bit, they've got some very nice backing singers.

Jemini scored 0 points for the UK last year
Jemini scored 0 points for the UK last year
If you don't win, who do you think will?
I think the Greek entry will do well. He's really big across Europe and has sold millions of records, although I don't really think much of the song.

I think the Ukraine will do well too, they look like they've got a really good performance lined up for Saturday.

Sweden, Belgium and Cyprus are also being talked about - even though the Cyprus singer is from the UK too.

Do you feel extra pressure because Jemini did so badly last year, scoring 0 points?
Not really, it's actually the opposite. I can't really do any worse than them, unless the judges start taking points away!

Have you bumped into Terry Wogan yet?
I've met him a few times before, but he's not out here until this evening. I'll be doing his radio programme tomorrow, which should be fun.

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