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  Full interview: Natasha Bedingfield
Updated 02 May 2004, 16.29

Daniel Bedingfield's little sis chats to Adam from Newsround Showbiz about her new single plus what it was like growing up with Daniel.

Why did you decide to release a single - weren't you at university?
I did go to university but I always wanted to do music. I had lots of friends at the studios.

I made a lot of music in their studios, made demos, took them to a record company and they said: 'Great, we want to sign you'.

A record company is like a bank that lends you money to make your own album and I was like, this is what I want to make.

It's great and my album is going to be released in the summer.

How does it feel seeing yourself everywhere suddenly, like on billboards?
Very strange - really different. Yeah... that's all I can say!

Is it hard being a new artist trying to sell records? Are you scared?
There's a lot of new artists coming out this year so there is a lot of competition.

There's 300 female artists coming out this year so yeah there's a lot of pressure that a new artist feels. I feel quite excited because I feel confident in my music.

If it's not the best single in the whole world that's OK because I'm doing my best, I'm doing what I love and that's cool.

What sort of sound is your new single and album?
The album is quite streety, it's quite R'n'B-ish, with a bit of rock and a couple of different styles. Very London in that sense, very multi-cultural, but very soul. It's like the soul voice is what unites it all.

Did you grow up in a very musical house?
Yes, very! There were instruments in every corner of the house. I would have a stereo on in my room blaring out R'n'B and Dan's would be rock and Michael Jackson and all at the same time playing. My house is crazy!

And then you'd hear Daniel shouting down 'Everyone please can you be quiet cos I'm recording vocals.'

So everyone would be really quiet for about an hour then the noise would start up again.

Did you catch him singing Gotta Get Thru This back then?
Yeah! [Once when] he was on his rollerskates and he rang me up and said, 'I've got this new tune' and sang me Gotta Get Thru This and was like 'What do you think?'

And I was like, 'That's really cool Dan!' and he went and put it down and recorded it.

What does he think of you releasing a single and making it as an artist as well?
He's excited. I just spoke to him a few days ago and he said 'Go for it!'. I'm like his little sis and he's really proud - [I'm] two years younger than him.

Have you got another sister?
I have! I've got a sister who's very good at singing and you never know, she could do whatever she wants to, she's very talented in every area.

Any plans for a Jackson 5 style Bedingfield band?
No - that sounds a bit cheesy!
At the moment it's great as we're all really independent and have got different styles and different flavas, we just like to do our own thing.

Were you tempted to ditch the famous Bedingfield name?
The thing is there are so many female artists at the moment who just have the one name I just thought I'd keep my own name.

I'm not embarrassed, everybody knows who I am, I'm not trying to hide it. I love my name - it's my name! Why should I invent some fake stagename?

But you've never been worried people won't take you seriously?
If I like it [the music], I can feel confident that I'm doing what I love. Hopefully people won't judge me based on who I know or who's part of my family.

They'll hear it as it stands alone, as something in its own right.

How is Daniel recovering from his car accident?
Daniel is good. He's really excited cos he's had the thing taken off his head.

And he's going to come back in a few weeks and he's making his album which sounds fantastic.

He was showing me, again on the phone, little sneak previews.

What's the maddest thing that's happened since you became a solo artist?
What's weird is walking down the red carpet. I went to the premiere of a film called Monster and all this fuss walking down a red carpet... and I'm just a singer, I'm making music that I love.

You have to get all dressed up and walk down and there's all these cameras.

And they're like, 'Natasha Natasha!' Look here! No here! No stand like this! And I'm just like what do I do?

You just have to pose and do this pouty face for the camera like you like yourself, like I'm thinking I'm gorgeous or something. For me it feels a bit weird!

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