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  Busted: full interview
Updated 27 April 2004, 18.46
Busted popped into the Newsround office for a chat with Adam from Newsround Showbiz.

They talked about everything from America to Euro 2004, to what kind of burgers they like best.

Is cracking America a priority for you?
James: I'd say it's up there.
Charlie: It's always good to get to different territories and I hope we do well.
Matt: America's kinda the Daddy, isn't it? Charlie: The thing is with America - it's one of the coolest places on the planet.

The US is a hard market to crack - how will you feel if you don't succeed?
Matt: Do you know what? It would be amazing to crack it but seriously if we didn't, I'd still think everything else was cool.

James: Yeah - we haven't even been to America yet and we're having a great time. We're not just going to go to America then never come back to England because that would be wrong. It would be mean to the fans that started us off in England. We want to make sure that we don't desert our loyal fans from the beginning.

So have you got concrete plans to go there?
Matt: South of Maine, we're going there to Maine. So we're doing Japan first then going straight from Japan over to the USA.

James: It's cool cos the weather out there is always really nice.

Matt: And the burgers out there are amazing! Never tasted a burger or fries quite like it!
Matt [to Charlie]: You didn't like the fries did you?
Charlie: Not particularly.

And much bigger portions don't you?
Matt: Every time you get free refills!
James: Refills! Refills!

You've got to do thousands and thousands of radio stations you've never heard of?
James:Yeah but that's OK.
Matt: That's awesome, we don't mind that.
James: Everyone in America, I mean it's the same in England, everyone's really happy everywhere you go, just like England.

You're doing a song for the Thunderbirds movie?
Matt: Yeah man, we've done it, it's awesome.
James: Thunderbirds soundtrack! It's done.

Will you give us a clue to what it sounds like?
James: It sounds really good.
[Matt does a jokey impression of the tune]

Is there one thing you've not done yet and would like to do?
Matt signs our comp stuff
Matt signs our comp stuff
James: Play Madison Square Garden (in New York).
Matt:This may sound really weird but when we were younger my ultimate goal was to have an album that I wrote in the shops, even if nobody bought it, but to have it in the shops.
Then that happened. So you set other targets - we just won a Brit award and you know what? We really should set other targets.

Would you like to do a collaboration with someone?
James: Doing a collaboration - it's got to be worthwhile for both people doing it. So if we found someone that wanted to collaborate with us as much as we did with them then maybe.

Are you scared that you're going to peak soon?
James: If you think about what's happening in two, three year's time you drive yourself mad, it's like chasing your own tail.
You've got to take each day as it comes. Our days are very busy, we have big days every day and we have a lot to deal with each day without thinking about the future. One day at a time.

What about Busted the Movie?
James: There's not going to BE a Busted the Movie!

But last time we met you told me there would be a Busted the Movie!
James: We had one meeting.
Charlie: Nah, it's not going to happen.
Matt: We said we could be in one but we don't want to be Matty, James and Chaswick - we'd rather be in a supporting role.

Like a cameo role?
Charlie: Exactly! Cameos, so you appear in other films.
James: The thing about movies is that they take a lot of time to do, so straight away you're distracting from the music. That's not our field.

Would you have liked to have sung the official anthem for Euro 2004?
Matt: I would have very much so.
Charlie: I don't know man...
James: Our songs aren't very football chant-esque.
Matt: We're more nursery rhyme than football chant.
James: We'll leave that to Frank Skinner!

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