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  NR Showbiz - a full house with 3 Of A Kind
Updated 20 August 2004, 17.45
Three of a kind: Marky P, MC Tipstar and MC Divine
Urban garage act 3 Of A Kind grabbed the number one spot from Busted.

The English trio hip-hopped their way into the Newsround offices to talk about their sound and style.

You can catch their interview on NR Showbiz on Saturday on the CBBC channel.

How did you guys get together?

Marky P: The way we got together was kinda weird. Me and Tipstar didn't meet until the day of the studio when we went to record their track.

I'd already produced a beat and she'd already written a chorus. I know Divine and we were at my cousin's and Divine heard it and was like yeah - let's do this - he played me the chorus and I was like yeah let do this.

Tipstar: Divine is the glue of the group - he's the middleman. Marky had already made the beat and I'd already written the chorus - he thought the two would be explosive together and it was!

Marky P countin up the members of the band!

Divine: I knew Mark and had worked with Lianna ( Tipster). We'd been on pirate radio together. I heard her lyrics and Mark's beat and I brought us all together.

Mark had always been making beats and singing and stuff. Working on his music course at school.

The song Babycakes is described as 'summer soaked summer sultry slice of up tempo 2-step' What does that mean?!

Divine: There's a bit of everything in it!

Marky: Two -step garage tracks is what we do. It's a summer song. Everyone can sing along with it and dance along with it.

Where did you get the idea for the lyrics?

Tipstar: What inspired me to write was from my favourite film that Ricky Lake was in. The follow up is called Babycakes and it's a love story.

So I took it from there. It's almost like a nursery rhyme - inspired by Ricki Lake! It's garage - more urban poppy.

Tipstar: Loved Salt 'n Pepa so much she taught herself to MC

We haven't seen a lot of garage in the main stream recently.

Tipstar: The garage scene was suffering a lot 'cos it turned a lot more basey and beats-based - when we recorded Babycakes we thought it'd make or break us - we gave it an up-tempo beat and revamped garage.

Divine: Old school garage is still big underground it's just not there in the mainstream.

Tipstar - it's still really unusual to get a female MC. How did you get started?

Fact File
MC Tips from Tipstar
Don't be scared to be different
Don't be scared to be a female MC
Have a pop - and go and practise!

Tipstar: I was interested from a young age - Salt 'n Pepa - the first female MCs inspired me...

It wasn't until I met divine that I said I like singing - and here's some lyrics I've written!

He was like 'Yeah! Come on the radio'. I'd been practising in my bedroom with the hairbrush in front of the mirror everyday.

How long did it take from meeting up and making it big?

Divine: A year and a half. It's taken a year and a half to get it up.

Before we were signed we were performing a lot - then we released it through the underground and it was just explosive. It took over the scene in an amazing way. Then we got signed!

Where did you get your names from?

Tipstar: From my Maltese cross - each tip of the star represents different stuff like faith and heath. So Tip - Star.

Divine: My mate was flicking through the dictionary to see what name suited me and he was like 'what about divine' - I was like yeah. And it just stuck - no one calls me by my name anymore - which is good.

What's your real name?

Divine: Nicholas!

What about you Marky P?

Marky P: I didn't think we'd get this far - I hoped we would but I didn't think it'd be gold - so I was just like Mark, which is my name, and P 'cos my surname begins with a 'P'! It's quite good though - I wouldn't change it now 'cos it's not too over the top or too flash, d'ya get me?

Tipstar: Loved Salt 'n Pepa so much she taught herself to MC

What have you been doing to promote the record?

Marky P: We've been touring - nightclubs and schools - we did Bognor Regis and Butlins! That was funny!

Your song's been getting loads of airplay - and you've got loads of grannies loving it!

Tipstar: Yes - the more the merrier. It's all good - I have a 2-and-a-half-year-old niece and she's singing all the chorus.

Now we've got mums and mums' mums coming up and enjoying it. The more people we can get loving the music the better!

What's coming up in the future?

Divine: A lot - we're bringing through what we like to do. We'll bring it through - if people like it - carry on supporting the cause!

We've an album coming out end of the year - watch this space.

Tipstar: The album's got all different kinds of flavas - some like Babycakes, and some other stuff.

I love garage but I'm versatile when it comes to music - I like such a wide range of music turn my hand to everything.

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