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  Band splits past, present and future
Updated 09 March 2004, 13.30
S Club
By Leigh Mytton
CBBC Newsround Online

Posters of Bryan, Kian, Shane, Mark and Nicky have been smiling down from our bedroom walls for the past five years.

Now Bryan's gone and Westlife will never be the same again.

It's not the first time a prominent band member has flown the nest, and it won't be the last.

Those of us with really long memories will remember when Robbie announced he was leaving Take That.


Mark, Howard, Jason and Gary carried on as a four-piece, with limited success, while Robbie went on to achieve superstardom.

Mark made a bit of a comeback after winning Celeb Big Bro, and Gary is a big cheese behind-the-scenes in the music biz.

Who knows what happened to Howard and Jason.

Steps cast a shadow on Christmas 2001 when they broke up.

H and Claire relaunched themselves as a duo, had a go at TV presenting, then faded into the background.

Fay made a record with opera singer Russell Watson and Lee went into musicals.

Lisa had a go at managing her brothers' ill-fated band, 3SL, and returned with a raunchy new image.


Like Take That, S Club lost one member before splitting up for good.

Paul left first, intending to pursue a nu-metal career, then the rest of them went their separate ways.

Jon, like Lee Steps, turned to musicals. Hannah decided she liked acting best.

Rachel launched a successful solo career.

We're still waiting for Bradley and Tina to make their comebacks.

Some groups have survived losing a member, and have even gone from strength to strength.

Bryan Westlife's wife, Kerry, was in Atomic Kitten when they first hit the big time.


She left to have a baby. Jenny was recruited to take her place, and the group went on to enjoy massive success - although they've since announced that they're taking a break.

Does that mean they're splitting up? Who knows...

Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan made up the Sugababes when they first achieved chart success.

Then Siobhan went. In a strange twist of fate, Heidi - who once sang with Atomic Kitten - joined the group.

They've never looked back, although they've recently been dogged by split rumours too.

So who will be next to break up?

Well, some people say the easy money is on Busted.

Life without James, Charlie and Matt? It doesn't bear thinking about...

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