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  Big Boi from Outkast: full interview
Updated 17 March 2004, 17.40
Big Boi
Big Boi from Outkast chats to Rachel from Newsround Showbiz about his new single, new film and what he would have been if he wasn't in a top band.

Who is Outkast?
Big Boi: We are a couple of guys from Atlanta, Georgia, who hooked up maybe 12 years ago.
We're like best friends and had an idea that we both liked music and things.
So we formed a group and we're real passionate about what we're doing and were students of music right now, just trying to spread this funk.

Why did you and Andre 3000 split your latest album into two?
Big Boi: It was just an idea that was given to us by one of our homeboys.
When we started working on this particular record Dre was in LA working on a film, I was in Atlanta.
So it was the natural thing to do. (We thought) do we both write or do we do a range and do different aspects of the music?
We kinda just like started recording songs and it just kinda worked out this way.

Your single knocked Andre's off the top spot in the US charts - are you in competition?
Big Boi: No. Both the singles are Outkast singles so it would be like competing with yourself. It can only make things better.
We don't feel like it's a competition cos it's all Outkast.

Will you and Andre be coming back together for your next album?
Big Boi: Next album we'll definitely be working together but we've also got outside projects we're working on too, Dre has his rock band.
I have Hot Tub Tony my alter ego, a vicious funk crusader.
Me and Sleepy Brown also got a band together called West Savanna.
But me and Dre are always going to make Outkast records.

What's your new single The Way You Move about?
Big Boi: It's really about a man's fascination with woman, like how she carries herself, sophistication, elegance, attitude. I like the way she moves, I like the way she carries herself.
It's not into one woman in particular, just somebody might catch your eye or something.

What's the movie that you and Andre are set to star in going to be about?
Big Boi: A lot a personality really. This is like the first major film we're staring in and working on and I'm looking forward to it.
We've shot maybe about 30 videos over the last decade.
And we've been doing a piece of acting, a little TV show here and there.
To do a whole film focused on one role should be interesting. It might spring board onto something else.

What's the movie about?
Big Boi: The movie is set in the 1930s and 40s during prohibition time. And it's going to be like two stories going on at the same time. In a lot of ways the story intertwines and we break down in song, now and again.
But we're not playing Outkast in the movie. We're playing two characters with two different personalities. It's going to be crazy.

Is there any other job you'd rather have?
Big Boi: I just like to keep making this music, like spreading the funk man, that's all. That's what it's about, what's gotten us to where we are now. I kinda just want to keep the funk alive.

What job did you want when you were five-years-old?
Big Boi: I wanted to be a vetinarian [vet], when I was a real little kid. Then when I moved on when I was in high school I was going to go to school and become a child psychologist. But music took off and I had a different calling so here we are right now.

What are your plans for the next six months?
Big Boi: In May we start shooting the movie. When I go back to Atlanta in about a week I go back in the studio cos we're working on a soundtrack to the movie.
Then I'll be touring in the summer so it's kinda pretty full.

Outkast's new single The Way You Move is out now

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