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  Atomic Kitten's last interview
Updated 12 March 2004, 17.08

Newsround's Lizzie caught up Atomic Kitten for their last ever interview just before they went on stage for their final performance.

The band are taking a break for a year but will they ever get back together?

You're about to perform your last concert - how do you feel?
Jenny: Well a bit nervous about tonight - because we don't know, we're either going to go one way or the other.

It's going to be like full on giddy, let's celebrate we've had a great time and we're going to take a year out. Celebrations or it's just going to be tears.

We don't know which way it's going to go yet, so we'll tell you later.

So you're not upset?
Liz: Not as yet. We might get really giddy as Jen said. We might just all wanna go out and just celebrate what we've done.

Tash: I think we've all been a bit quiet this morning - (compared) to what we usually are.

But I think once we've got the show over and done with tonight, and that adrenalin rush from being on stage, I think we'll all be wanting to celebrate.

Do you think you're going to regret taking a break?
Liz: No cos we thought about it a lot. We went over it quite a few times.

We were like, shall we do this now, shall we do it another time... But we all need it (the break) and we're all really looking forward to the time as well.

Why did you decide to take a break?
Jenny: We decided to take a break initially - as we've spoke about it as a group - because Natasha wanted to spend time with Josh.

And her heart's not been in it, because she wants to be with her son - which is perfectly understandable.

And we decided if we're going to take a break we should do it while we're on a total high. We've had amazing success after the arena tour, so we're just going to take a year out now.

Tash can spend time out with Josh. We're going pursue solo careers in music, TV, other areas - whatever comes our way.

Then we'll see what happens at Christmas time, early next year we'll get together have a chat and see where life takes us.

Do you think you'll get back together?
Tash: Well yeah - as we've said we're going to wait until after Christmas, and if the girls' solo careers have taken off and they are peaking in their careers we won't be able to do it after Christmas cos they'll be busy doing other things.

Liz: We'll talk probably before that anyway... We're going to be seeing each other loads anyway. We've got family weddings, birthday parties, other things we're going to go to...

Jenny: It's like we're talking a break from working together each day, being in each other's pockets every day, but we're still best of mates.. (jokes) we're not having a relationship! We're on a break!

We're going to be taking time out, we're still going to be seeing each other on a social level, still going to be on the phone all the time.

What about future solo plans?
Jenny: Everyone's made their decisions about what we're going to do and we haven't spoken to anybody.

We talked about this on the phone last night - we've not actually said to anybody what we're going to do. We've not actually discussed it with anybody - not even each other.

Liz: I think it's just going to be going into the studio and having a laugh with it. Really excited about that cos that's definitely one of my favourite places in the world.

Were you not tempted to do an Appleton sisters double-act?
Jenny: No because Atomic Kitten is about three people and if one of us is taken out of the equation it would just be a weaker version of Atomic Kitten. It's the three of us or all on our own.

Is difficult to work long hours as a threesome?
Jenny: I think it's easier for three girls than say four or five girls - when it's easy to split into camps and go yes and no against each other.

When there's three of you you've got no choice, you've got to talk about things as you can't alienate one person.

Just be open and honest with each other. This is why our friendship's survived, and we've been through some hard times but we've always come through it. So I think that's because it's the three of us and we do have to be open and honest with each other.

Tash: (There's been a) lot of talk lately about us - arguments and stuff like that. But before that it made people sick - (there were loads of) jokes about us being so friendly. But we've never said we never argue like friends do. But we do sort it out.

Why didn't you play at a recent concert in Dublin Natasha?
Tash: I had food poisoning. The paper made their own story up and that's it. There's nothing you can really do about it.

What's your new single about?
Jenny: Our new single is a double A side. One half is a remixed version of Right Now, the first single the girls released - but I wasn't in the band then. Everyone loves that song and it gives me a chance to sing on the re-released version of it.

The other side is a really beautiful piano ballad which Liz wrote...

Liz: About yourself. If you can forgive your friends and family for silly things you do you can always forgive yourself.

What have been your favourite moments of Atomic Kitten?
Tash: Whole Again - that was the song that put us on the map. That was the song that made us - people know who we were but we weren't as big and successful as we are now.

So when we got that phone call to say we were number one it was the most amazing feeling in the world. It was brilliant.

Jenny: When we got a number one single and album at the same time

Liz: Playing to crowd and all or family about two weeks ago.

Have you got a message for your fans?
All three kittens: We just want to say a huge huge thank-you for all your support over the past few years - we just can't thank you enough.

You've been amazing. And to all our crazy loyal fans - we will be back so never fear, the Kittens are here.

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