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  Join McFly's nu pop revolution!
Updated 20 January 2004, 20.56
By Philip Westerman
CBBC Newsround at a McFly showcase

Get ready for pop to go bang as McFly, four teenagers from the same school of energetic rock as Busted, hit the scene.

Newsround went to a special show to see what they had to say for themselves.

How would you describe each other?

Danny: "I'd describe Tom as having very weird dress sense, but cool. Sometimes bossy, but he can be the nicest bloke."

Singer and guitarist Danny, aged 17
Singer and guitarist Danny, aged 17
Tom: "Danny is the funniest person I've ever met in my life in every way. He's rarely in a bad mood, and if he is, you can still find him funny. He doesn't mean to be and that's the best thing. Danny's a ladies' man."

Harry: "Dougie doesn't shut up (he hasn't spoken yet!). All day long. Dougie's cool. He's chilled. Just cool."

Dougie: "Harry's probably the most sarcastic person I've ever met. He's good at blowing you out. He's cool."

You've been compared to Busted quite a bit. How does that feel?

Drummer Harry, who's 18
Drummer Harry, who's 18
Harry: "Tis an honour my friend!"

Tom: "It's great at the moment, but as soon as people hear our music they'll realise the differences. We've got a totally different sound to Busted. But it's great that people care."

You've got quite a few links to them don't you?

Harry: "I went to the same school as Charlie, he (Dougie) went to the same school as Matt, he (Tom) looks like James!"

Tom: "I wrote 8 songs on the Busted album with James - Crashed the Wedding, Who's David, Nerdy, Air Hostess, A Loner In Love, Over Now, Falling for You, That Thing You Do."

Singer and guitarist Tom, aged 18
Singer and guitarist Tom, aged 18
Would you see yourselves as pop or rock? Or does it even matter?

Tom: "James (from Busted) has come up with a new category for us: Like Nu Metal, we're Nu Pop."

So what do you think of Pop Idol?

Harry: "It's entertaining but it's so bad for pop."

Dougie: "They're clogging up the music industry."

Harry: "They're not offering anything new."

Danny: "There might be talented people on the show, but they never get through, like Leon. If they do make it, like Michelle, well, they've totally spoiled her with rubbish songs. They need to put more effort in."

So if kids do want to make it, what advice do you have?

16-year-old bassist Dougie
16-year-old bassist Dougie
Tom: "Practice your instrument hard. Get better than anyone else. Be around people who play the same instrument as you. I wasn't as good a guitarist as I am now until I met Danny. It wasn't like we taught each other stuff, you just naturally get better and pick stuff up off the person you're with. I think that's why being in a band is so good, because we just get better."

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