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  Who will be big in 2004?
Updated 05 January 2004, 18.55
The year 2004 will bring loads of new acts into the charts but experts reckon rock will rule again - just like in 2003.

Chart expert Gennaro Castaldo reckons we'll see more of the rock revival that brought us The Darkness and White Stripes.

He tips Franz Ferdinand, a four-piece rock band from Glasgow, as the next big thing.

Good for girls?

Gennaro also reckons there might be a bit of a girl thing going on this year.

Joss Stone
Joss Stone
"We've seen the likes of Belle Vue being relaunched, Clea are being relaunched and there's a new act called FYA who there's big expectations for. And there's Joss Stone," he told Newsround.

More guitars

Jonathan Brown of Smash Hits magazine thinks we can expect more bands that sound like Busted.

"I wouldn't be surprised if other record companies pitched in their Busted versions so we have a bit more guitar music going on," he said.

For those into Busted, McFly could be the answer to something new.

They're a four-piece guitar line-up who've already supported big bands including Busted and on tour.

Pop hopefuls

The winners, losers and rejects of reality TV pop shows like Pop Idol and Fame Academy will also be fighting to make their mark.

Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus releases her single on Monday but some think Andy Scott-Lee is more likely to make an impression on the charts.

Old favourites

But according to experts the real winners of 2004 will be the acts that were already big last year.

Some say Dido will dominate record sales and Robbie looks set to sell even more records following his Knebworth success.

Coldplay and Starsailor will also keep going strong but we'll have to wait and see if they end up getting beaten by the new kids on the block.

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