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  Full interview: Holly Valance
Updated 28 October 2003, 16.33
Holly Valance
After months out of the charts Holly Valance has a new single - and a new sound.

Here she explains what's behind the changes and says she might yet go back to acting.

Your new single State of Mind is quite different - are you moving in a new musical direction?
It's kind of different cos at the time I was listening to rock, I was listening to dance and lots of electro and I loved them all equally.
I thought what would happen if we put them all in a pot and see what happens.
And the people I was working with at the time really like that idea. So everyone was working on the same level with the same goals in mind.
What we wanted to get out of it was a bit darker, a bit harder. It's a very kind of upbeat record and that's what I like to do.

Have you consciously changed your image?
I think it's probably more just suggestive. You have to use your imagination a little bit more, a bit more subtle not as in your face.
I could only really go back from Kiss Kiss but that's fine. I'd rather start there and draw it back slowly.

Your video is different to your other ones - what was the idea behind it?
Oh I want people to be attracted to the visuals that go with the song. I don't think you have to go ridiculously far but you need to create something where people go 'Oh wow', hopefully, anyway!

Will you be going back to acting?
Holly Valance
I'm kind of holding back. I read a lot of scripts and things.
I don't really want to do both at the same time again, it was really really hard last time and I think they both suffer for it.
I'm going to wait until I've given it my best shot with this record, really promote it the best I can.
Then hopefully got out next year, half way though the year, sink my teeth into a script hopefully.

State Of Mind the album is released on 10th November and the single is on sale now.

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