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  Full interview: Fast Food Rockers
Updated 13 October 2003, 21.08
Fast Food Rockers
Fast Food Rockers talk to Newsround Showbiz about their new single and what Hot Dog's been up to.

What's your new single Say Cheese about?
Lucy: The new single is very, very exciting and fun - it's called Say Cheese and it's all about smiling and being happy. We're very excited to be doing it because it's about infectious smiles, because if you smile everyone else will smiles too.

Who wrote it?
Ria: We have a fantastic songwriter we're writing with - we're signed to his record label - he's called Mike Stock. He was massive - he sort of launched Kylie Minogue and had massive success in the 80s and 90s too. So we're really really privileged to be working with him.

Did you have any input into the writing or get a credit?
All: No - we don't have a credit!
Lucy: We did say we wanted to keep it on the fun vibe, like before when it was a full on novelty song and we still wanted to stay with the happy vibe cos that's what we're all about really - having fun and being happy. So I hope it comes across.

Who's your key audience? Ria: Any age - from the very young age where you can pick up the moves and have fun, to 99 - you can have fun with it at any age.
Lucy: Anyone who's up for a laugh, anyone who's up for light hearted fun.

Do you sing on your own records? There have been rumours you don't.
Ria: Yeah it's a bit weird that people say its not us singing because it is!
Lucy: There is rumours all the time, there's always speculation and everyone always like "I'm sure they've had backing singers" but I've trained for three years at a performing arts school, Ria's been in the business for a long time, Martin's been in the business for a long time and we're very proud to say we do sing on this song.
Ria: Yeah, we do sing live as well and we did a TOTP we had to sing live for and we were all really nervous about that! We've all had live singing experience but yes it's us, it is!

Why do you think people say things like this?
Lucy: I'm not too sure really. I don't really know whether it's a jealousy thing. I don't really know, but it's a shame.
Ria: I think it's because the songs are quite novelty and we have funny costumes and people think we're just put in the place, just there to front it. But it is us.
Lucy: I'm quite sad really because we've worked really hard.
Ria: If it was someone alse we wouldn't be this tired! We've been in the studio recording in the studio, we've got a new album coming out. We're very excited.

What can we expect from the album?
Martin: The album is full of lots of easy to listen to cheesy music and lots of fun stuff that you can have a good party to. It's out in November.
Lucy: We're really really loved recording the album and we've really had fun doing it. All the songs are light-hearted upbeat songs. Of course the Fast Food song is on there which we're dead proud of - our novelty song - but everything else is more upbeat.
Ria: It's just one of those albums you can just listen to.

How did you meet - was it at a Fast Food convention?
Martin: We did actually meet at a Fast Food convention in Folkestone last summer.
Ria: Yeah really!

Where's your dog today?
Martin: He's abroad skiing at the moment.

Will the he have a starring roles in the next videos?
Lucy: In the video Hot Dog makes quite a few appearances - he had fun making the video with us. He got hot and we had to give him water quite a lot. He's up in the watch tower on the beach...
Ria: ...wearing big baggy shorts and he had his sunscreen on.
Lucy: We looked after him. He had a great time and Hot Dog is still going to be with us at least for Say Cheese.

Did you have fun making the video?
Ria: We had a ball making the video!
Martin: It was fantastic and it was lovely and hot in Malaga.
Ria: We got the chance to go and film it in Spain. It was boiling hot and the sand was boiling our feet through our shoes.

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