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  Q & A with Amy Studt
Updated 23 September 2003, 14.59
Amy Studt talks to Newsround Showbiz
Amy Studt told Newsround Showbiz's Adam about what it's like leading the rock chick life.

Your last single did so well - how did you feel?
It was really exciting. I don't really like to expect the best - I always expect the worst then you might be pleasantly surprised. I was really pleased.

How big a deal was it for you?
It's so great to get high up in the charts. It's not that important to me but it's obviously important to my management and record company! But as long as I'm doing well and people are enjoying my music...

You're doing so well - what kind of pressure does that put you under?
It doesn't really, actually. I'm totally relaxed - we'll just see how it goes - I hope everyone enjoys it [my music], that's the main thing.

It's called Under the Thumb - what's the story behind that?
The song Under the Thumb is about being under the thumb! It's just written about that feeling of somebody having you in their power and basically I'm getting my revenge on somebody who had me under the thumb...

Who was it?
Ooooooh! That'd be telling! No, I don't want to talk about that!
It's just about somebody I used to know - it was my kind of fantasy of wanting to get my own back on a certain someone.

You often seem to write about things you've been through, why is that?
I write songs about things I've experienced, things that have troubled me, to help me with dealing with the things I've been going through.

Your last single was about being bullied at school. Is it weird when people ask you about it?
Amy Studt talks to Newsround Showbiz
It can be a bit weird but because I've written about it I've obviously dealt with it and moved on. Because that's what the writing process is about for me.
So I'm not too bothered about talking about it because I've moved on so that's fine.

What's the most amazing thing to have happened to you since Just a Little Girl was released last year?
I did a gig in Bournemouth, where I was brought up. I went down there to do a gig on the pier and I couldn't believe the response. People screaming 'Amy, Amy!'. I had teddy bears thrown at me. It was just weird but I just couldn't believe the vibe

Do you get fed up of people asking you if you're missing out on normal teenage life?
I'm not fed up with people saying that - I think it's actually quite a correct statement. It's true in a lot of ways [that] I'm missing out on what most teenagers do - but I'm doing something that hardly anyone gets to do so I'm not gonna pass that up.
I can take a month off and have some fun. I still hang out with my friends and do a lot of normal things, but it's just a great experience.

How does it feel when you're compared to people?
To be compared to anybody who's a successful artist or star is always a compliment - it's still a bit strange.

As far as I'm concerned I'm still normal Doss About Amy from Bournemouth and I'm being compared to someone hugely famous.

Did a lot of teachers and people put you down at school?
There's always gonna be people who put you down - I tried to ignore people who have been negative.

What's your manager Simon Fuller actually like?
He's actually really nice, he's really sweet. The first time I met him he was really open to me, straight in with a warm handshake, he was interested in me. I think that's what's great about him he's really interested in who you are, he's great.

Do you find it weird being managed by same man that managed S Club because they're so different from you?
I did at first but I've met them - and they're all lovely - but he's managed Annie Lennox too - so that's the other side of it.

Have you any plans for working with other people?
Not really - but I may just pop up working with Marilyn Manson, dancing.

I don't know - I haven't really thought about it!

Who would you never work with?
I've got nothing against them - I've met them and they're really nice - but the Fast Food Rockers.
They're really friendly and nice people but [they're] really not my kind of thing!

A newspaper rich list said you would be the 14th richest person in the UK in 2020 - how does that make you feel?
Alright! A bit weird - I'm sure my record company liked that! My mum came and said "Amy, you're in the newspaper. You're gonna be a millionaire!" Great!
The benefits of getting that much money are that I could do things I've always wanted to like I could start up a school - the way I'd have liked school to be when I was younger - build a graffiti park, a skate park.

Other than that - I'm the kind of person who doesn't mind having twenty thousand pounds or having no money - finding pennies in the sofa for a burger!

Are you ever tempted to make a political statement?
I think Ms Dynamite does it brilliantly - I don't need to tread on her toes there. I'd rather keep away from it.

I have my own politics and I find it gets me too angry. I don't talk about it with friends because I end up getting mad. I think Ms Dynamite does it brilliantly.

Amy's next single, Under the thumb, is out on 29 September

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