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  Music stars talk about body image
Updated 21 September 2003, 14.58

Pop singers are constantly in the limelight and have lots of pressure on them to look perfect the whole time.

Newsround caught up with some of our fave stars to get their views on body image.

Rachel Stevens:

Rachel Stevens
Everybody has hang ups about something or other - I definitely have.

There's always been this pressure in the public eye to be skinny, but you've got artists now like J-Lo and Beyonce who are really curvy and look absolutely fantastic and they're not super skinny, but they look stunning.

I think that's great - everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes and that's what's important.

Amy Studt:

Amy Studt
I always used to get jip at school for being too skinny.

It was quite stupid - they were so conscious of not wanting people to be anorexic so they'd take us into classes and show us videos of people who are too skinny and they'd say "you don't want to look like them - they're too skinny - they're really ugly".

I'd be sitting there thinking - I'm ugly, I'm really ugly - they didn't think about the other side of it.

I'm naturally very skinny and I used to be called stick figure and anorexic and stuff. I don't think it matters what weight you are, as long as you're happy with yourself.

I think the human body is a very beautiful thing and you have to be happy with it, whether you're a size 24 or a size 6 - it doesn't matter.


I think there's a lot of pressure on stars, but it's up to the stars to try and change that and make it not such big thing.

They're there for their talent - in my case I'm a singer and that's my prime thing, of course I want to look good, but I don't think that it should be a big pressure.

I'm not sure that people realise the amount of time and effort that goes into looking good - I'm sure if people saw me on a day when I wasn't working, they'd be eeeurgh!

Lisa Scott Lee:

Lisa Scott Lee
I think there's as much pressure as you want there to be.

I know there's a lot of pressure out there and people want to look up to people like myself.

I'm not obsessed by the whole weight thing and I think that's a healthy attitude to have because everyone's got different figures and are different shapes sizes.

I choose to eat healthily, but I'm not obsessed by it, I still make sure I can enjoy myself at weekends.


Aleesha: I think there's always pressure on young girls because of what they see in magazines and the images that they're given.

For us personally, we always say, we eat what we like, we don't diet, as long as you do everything in moderation and look after yourself and be healthy, there's no harm in it.

Our message always to young girls is to not believe what you read and to always look after yourself by exercising, but eat what you want.

Sabrina: And love yourself, because whatever way you are born, you are unique and you are you.

I know it's very easy with the media portraying that you have to be stick thin to be in, but that doesn't really work, women with a little bit of body does help, so don't worry about it.

When it comes to clothes and stuff like that, wear what you're comfortable in.

Beauty's from within.


A lot of emphasis has been put on how much weight I've lost, but I think I'm quite normal.

The pressure comes from people seeing other people achieving their dream. You think that you have to be like that person, look like that person, act like that person, do everything that person does and maybe I'll get their lifestyle.

It doesn't work like that though, it really doesn't. We get spots, we get bags under our eyes, we get bad hair, it all happens, we just get more help.

A lot of people don't admit to that, but it's the truth. I've been there, I've looked at magazines, at Jennifer Anniston, at J-Lo and thought I want to look like that, but I'm never going to! But I can do the best that I can do.

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