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  Row over S Club's earnings
Updated 01 May 2003, 19.07
S Club
S Club may have split but it's certainly not to retire to live on their millions.

That's because they don't have millions and a row's blown up over whether they were paid enough during their four-year career.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Seeing Double - S Club's movie

Despite four UK number ones, album sales of over 12 million, four TV series seen in 120 countries and their very own movie, the S Clubbers were paid a regular salary.

It's rumoured each member of the group has made 600,000 in four years.

While they won't be busking on the streets, it's just a fraction of the 50 million they made for their manager, Simon Fuller.

Hannah's dad has said in interviews that he's so fed up with the tiny amount they made that he wants to take Simon Fuller to court.

Where's all the money then?

Music industry expert Dej Mahoney says a lot of the money goes on paying the record company for things like stylists, video shoots and clothes.

It costs about 100,000 to launch a new group, and quite a few don't make it, so that's money a record company has to get back.

Managers also take a big chunk.

Not the worst off

S Club are certainly not the worst off. According to the Sun newspaper, Rosie Ribbons earns just 12,000 a year, roughly the same as a junior hairdresser.

Liberty X are reportedly doing better on 35,000 a year; that's the same as train drivers.

Hear story!Hear story!

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