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  Busted boys gossip about fans and fame
Updated 23 April 2003, 18.25
Newsround Showbiz caught up with the Busted lads for a gossip.

NR: You've changed the name of the single from Crash and Burn to You Said No - why?
Charlie: After the shuttle incident in America with Nasa, we thought it would be a bit insensitive to call it Crash and Burn.
James: It's not really appropriate.
Matt: We were deciding what single to go for just as that happened and we really wanted to use Crash and Burn but we thought the name was inappropriate - it would have been bad taste.
Charlie: This is not a very good time to call a song Crash and Burn.

NR: The song is about rejection at the school disco - have any of you been rejected by a girl before?
Charlie: I was rejected!
Matt and James: Ha - rejected!
Charlie: Her name was Daisy Bell, she rejected me at a disco and my friends ripped it out of me!
Matt: You asked her to dance, and what did she say?
Charlie: She said - I'll get my friends. Maybe she wanted a communal dance.
Matt: Yeah - I'll get my friends - that's I want to dance but I don't want it to look like I'm dancing on my own with you!
James: That's treating you badly - making you believe that she's trying to be nice!
Matt: Was is a slow song or a fast one?
Charlie: It was a slowy...
Matt: So you weren't all going to have a massive group hug and roll around the dance floor!
Charlie: It was awful, I should have gone for her sister!

NR: Your album takes the mick out of celebs in songs like Britney and Dawson's Geek and is pretty funny. Do you think some people make music too serious?

All: Yes! Way too serious!
Charlie: It depends on what kind of music you're talking about. Pop music is too serious. It's pop music! In a certain genre of music it's fine to be depressive if you want to be depressive but it pop music it's too much.
James: I'm not really into being depressed when I'm listening to music. There are some songs that some people think are depressive but I just like them to chill out to. Some people would say Coldplay are depressive but I love Coldplay to chill out to.
Charlie: I really like depressing music as long as it's really emotional. That's fine but pop music isn't that type of music and it's written to have fun with.

Mattie from Busted
NR: You guys have achieved the ultimate school kid dream of forming a band and getting famous - how does this make you feel?
Matt: How does it make us feel to have achieved?
Charlie: Achievement comes when we get an award - we've got a Brava award in our lounge - that's an achievement.
James: And the platinum record which hasn't even arrived yet! They were giving one away on a TV show before we even had one.
Matt: They gave what away?
James: They gave a platinum disc away before we even had one!
Matt: They did what? To who??!
James: A winner.
Matt: You are kidding - I still haven't got one!
James: The first time I saw it was on the telly!
Matt: Did it look good?
James: Yeah.
Matt: We get some cash sometimes too.
James: If we perform well they give us a cash bonus, our management do.
Matt: Yeah they say 'whoever performs the best in this one gets 100!' - it's a great incentive. And Charlie's about to buy a Porsche!
Charlie: A Boxter, that's all I can get insured on, but it's a Porsche!

NR: You've also got loads of female fans - do you find that weird?
Charlie and James from Busted
Charlie: It's weird.
Matt: It is weird to have lots of fans.
James: I think it's wicked - I love it!
Matt: It is weird but it's brilliant.

NR: Loads of e-mails have come in to us saying 'Do you have girlfriends?'
James: No!
Charlie: Unfortunately not - I'm looking.
Matt: No, I am on the prowl though.

NR: You've done really well in Germany, you've won some awards at the Brava Awards - where else in the world do you think you're going to make it?
James: Apparently we had a top 10 in South Africa and we had a top ten in Denmark and to be honest everywhere really. All over Europe.
Matt: Australia.
Charlie: I'd love to have a hit in America.
James: Oh America, I can't wait to go to America - I hope we have a hit there!

NR: You have a thing on your website where you get kids to promote Busted at school by being a school chairman. Do you think it's a really good way to get fans?
Matt: Definitely.
Charlie: It's giving them a job to do. They all want to help out.
James: We have a lot of people who work for us for nothing, not because we ask them to, because they choose to. That's amazing!
Matt: It's wicked.

James from Busted
NR: You've been out and about schmoozing with the stars, you were at J-Lo's premiere, what's been the best party you've been to?
James: That was a great party!
Charlie: The red carpet was wicked!
Matt: There were so many photographers! It was unreal how many photographers there were - there was like 100 photographers and we had to stand there for ages.

NR: You've got a UK tour coming up, what exciting things have you got in store?
Charlie: Oooh exciting!
James: It's going to be good though!
Matt: There will be some nudity!
Charlie: There MIGHT be some nudity!
Matt: There will be. Brief, but all of us!
Charlie: There's going to be fireworks too. I warn you though, it's going to be a musical tour - I'm not into all the flying through the air and stuff - I wanna make a musical show.

NR: In Year 3000 you've got a line about boy bands: 'Boy bands, and another and another one and another one". What do you think of current boy bands?
Charlie: They're alright - I just think it's all a bit been done before. I really respect people like Justin Timberlake and American boy bands because I think they're a step above everyone else.
James: It says a lot when you can break away from a boy band and have one of the most successful solo albums in the world - that is talent!

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