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  Backstage gossip from pop tour Box Live
Updated 30 May 2003, 18.10
Girls Aloud told us about meeting Prince Harry
Leigh Mytton
CBBC Newsround at Box Live in Birmingham

Darius greeted us with a kiss, Girls Aloud gossiped about Prince Harry, Dannii spilled the beans about being a DJ, the Kittens swooned over Justin Timberlake and D-Side and Tommi raved about their new songs.

D-Side said they loved being in the dressing room next to Girls Aloud.

It was all happening at the Box Live gig in Birmingham where CBBC Newsround's website was lucky enough to get up close and personal with the stars backstage.

D-Side dropped in for a chat minutes before they opened the show at the National Indoor Arena.

"Yesterday we were in Berlin, last night we were in Brighton - we're travelling the world," they said.

The lads said their trip to America to record their album blew them away.

"We were collected by a limousine. We had the camcorder out the sun roof - we nearly got arrested," they laughed.

Tomboys Tommi strutting their stuff

D-Side, whose new song Invisible is out on 7 July, said they loved being on the tour.

"It's great because it's just us and Darius and the rest are all females."

Next up were girl band Tommi, who described their music as: "Hip hop R&B with a bit of pop - it's very cheeky.

"If we're having little digs at each other, we put that into our music with our slang. We're the new breed of tomboys," they added.

Their debut song, Like What, is out on 23 June.

Casual but cool

Then we found out that Girls Aloud were in the building! They were grabbing a bite to eat - and then they'd be with us.

They arrived looking casual but cool. Cheryl's replaced her bob haircut with a braided style and Sarah had gone for plaits too.

Wonder if it's anything to do with Beckham?

The girls said they were "really happy and excited" for Javine Hylton, who's releasing a solo single after missing out on being in the band by a whisker.

They said they'd met Prince Harry too: "He's so down-to-earth and normal," said Cheryl.

But they refused to reveal what their next single will be. "Do you think we should slow it down a bit?" they asked us. "Why not!" we replied.


Mis-Teeq told us about the sassy theme of their new single, Can't Get It Back.

"It's about a relationship gone wrong," explained Su-Elise.

"We are saying we gave you our love and our time, which is priceless. As for the rings and stuff that you gave me - you're asking for that back? I think not!"

Alesha said the girls love doing the arenas: "That's when the crowd are just up for it!"

Dannii's doing a cover of Madonna's Get Into The Groove

Dannii Minogue popped in for a chat straight after her performance, saying: "I get shaky when I come off stage."

Dannii's new release Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling will feature a cover of Madonna's Into The Groove.

"We sent it off to Madonna, thinking we will never get an answer. She came back straight away. I love it. It's a dream come true"

Dannii also said she's starting a DJ-ing job on Capital Radio on 8 June. She said she'd been pestering her friends for requests!

Silly voices

Atomic Kitten were munching sweets and talking in silly voices when we met them.

Jenny said she'd recovered from the sore throat which forced them to cancel their South Africa gigs.

Tash from Atomic Kitten. The gig was a warm-up for the group's tour later this year.

"The doctor told me I couldn't speak for three days - it was torture," she joked.

She added that the girls' third album would be out by the end of the summer and admitted she was gutted that she was the only Kitten who hasn't met Justin Timberlake.

"I met him after the Brits. He kissed me on the cheek and I haven't washed it since," said Tash.

CBBC Newsround Online also got a kiss on the cheek - from Darius!

Massive success

He said he was grateful to his fans for believing in him after he failed to win Popstars and Pop Idol.

"The public gave me the courage to pursue my dream," he said.

Darius said he was delighted that his recent 30-date tour was a massive success.

"That was a big thing for me. This time last year, I never dreamed I would be in this position."

With that, he raced off to perform - while we were still swooning from that kiss!

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