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  Who are Triple Eight?
Updated 11 April 2003, 12.04
The boys from Triple Eight
Find out more about Triple Eight with our profiles.


Name: Sparx
Date of birth: 20/02/80
Birth place: Middlesborough but grew up in Bristol.

Sparx is the oldest in the band and is along with Justin is one of the founder members.

An obsessive music fan, he thanks Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Prince for his love of pop.

The bad news for the girls is that he is happily settled with a girlfriend who is also a singer!


Name: David
Date of birth: 23/08/81
Birth place: Manchester but grew up in Blackpool.

David Wilcox has many passions in life. One is Spider Man - as a youngster he almost strangled himself with an impromptu web fashioned from a dressing gown.

888's resident charmer, he happily admits to being "the scruffy one".

But like Sparx, David has also has a girlfriend - bad luck girls!


Name: Justin
Date of birth: 09/04/82
Birth place: Bristol

Justin grew up in Bristol not far from Sparx's house.

Justin was 14 when he and Sparx set the band up ("There's not much else to do in Bristol!").

He's the quiet one - but that's relative to the rest of 888!

Give Justin anything to do with computers and he'll sort it out and he's passionate about his Nikes.


Name: Josh
Date of birth: 02/02/83
Birth place: Essex

He's the tidiest person in the band or in the world according to David!

And in 888's earliest stages, he was the perfect third member - he'd known the band's management for a while and clicked immediately with Justin and Sparx.

He'd already been in a pop band called Brash, with Antony from Blue!


Name: Jamie
Date of birth: 17/05/85
Birth place: London

Jamie came to the band because he knew Josh from their local football club.

He was a student at Sylvia Young's theatre school for seven years and he's taken roles in shows like Oliver! and Grange Hill.

He's mad about Arsenal and dreams, of following in the footsteps of bands like Boyz II Men and *NSYNC.

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