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  Kym on going solo and being Mrs Jack Ryder
Updated 07 April 2003, 11.41

Kym Marsh beat more than 3,000 hopefuls to get into made-for-TV pop group Hear'Say. A year later, she quit the band.

Since then, apart from marrying former EastEnders star Jack Ryder, Kym's been lying pretty low.

But now she's got an album coming out. We met her for a gossip about her solo career, life with Jack and why she really left Hear'Say.

Tell us about your new album It's called Standing Tall. There are 15 tracks on it and I've co-written three of them. I knew exactly how I wanted it. It's more guitar-based and I've got a band behind me. It's different, but not too different. I think people would be shocked if I came out all R&B.

How do you look back at being in Hear'Say? With fondness. We shared an amazing experience. If I met them now, I'd be fine with them. I've been swapping messages with Danny and I'm hoping to meet up with him. I wish them all well.

Why did you leave the band? I wanted to spend more time with my children (David, seven, and five-year-old Emily). You are with four other people and group decisions have to be made. Sometimes you are outvoted. These days I can do things like taking my children to the dentist and going to parents' evening and I can tuck them up in bed.

Popstars viewers were really shocked when you revealed that you had children. What was that like? I wasn't asked if I had children. I was interested to see how far I would get. I don't think I would have got that far if I had spoken about them sooner.

How does Jack get on with your children? The great thing about Jack is that he doesn't try to be their dad. They've got a dad who they see regularly. Jack grew up with a stepdad, so he knows what it's like.

Is Jack like his EastEnders character Jamie? They are complete opposites. Jack says all he ever wanted was to get married and have a nice home life. He doesn't drink, either. We get invited to a lot of things, but we're most likely to go to a film premiere where we can take the children.

What's Jack up to at the moment? He's hoping to move into films. He's reading scripts at the moment. There's been a lot of interest. He's a really great actor.

How do you look back at your life before you auditioned for Popstars? I had decided that I was in my last year of trying to make it as a singer. If I didn't succeed, I was thinking of going to college to train as a make-up artist.

What do you think about the success of Popstars' "losers" Liberty X? I was really pleased when they won their Brit Award. They have done so well.

What do you think about the nasty things that have been written about you in the papers? Someone tries to prepare you for it, but when it happens, it's quite hurtful. I've learned to live with it. I know the paper goes in the bin the next day. I just feel more in control of my life now.

Kym's single, Cry, is out on April 7.

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