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  Avril's gig: All black make-up and bunny ears
Updated 28 March 2003, 15.54
Avril played three gigs in London
By Clare Youell
CBBC Newsround at the Brixton Academy

Singer Avril Lavigne's just finished three sell-out gigs in London.

Newsround's website went along to the final gig to see if the teenage rock chick cuts it live.

There's never been so many Avril Lavigne look-alikes in one place.

Queuing up outside London's Brixton Academy, there's literally thousands of girls dressed in fishnet tops, cut-off pants, striped tights, ties, you name it.

Avril Lavigne's in town.

Street vendors were selling luminous bracelets and necklaces, and pink fluffy bunny ears for some strange reason. More on those later.

Huge voice

Inside the Academy it's heaving. Just before Avril came on, her tour name - 'Try To Shut Me Up' was emblazoned across the stage. The crowd went mental.

Fans went crazy when Avril came on stage
Avril strutted onto the stage and went straight into Sk8er Boi - how else could she start?

She's absolutely tiny in real life - but what a huge voice! She sounded incredible live, really strong and powerful.

The crowd couldn't keep still. There was loads of pushing and surging, and some girls even had to pulled out from the front of the stage by the security, 'cos they were getting a bit crushed.


Avril opened with Sk8er Boi
Avril spoke to her fans a few times, after shouting "Hello Londiiiiin," at the start. She was fascinated by all the flashing rabbit ears in the crowd and even made one of her guitarists wear a pair. "What's with all the bunny ears guys?" she kept asking.

She sang most of the songs from her album. Before she started Complicated, she got a boy and girl from the audience up on stage and made them sing it with her. Not surprisingly, they looked pretty chuffed.

Avril sang loads of songs from her album
Then Avril said a quick thank you and nipped off stage.

But the crowd chanted "Avril, Avril" until she came back.

The 17-year-old slowed the mood down with an acoustic version of Tomorrow. But for the finale, she rocked the crowd again with Things I'll Never Say.

It was her last gig in the UK - for now.

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