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  S Club Q&A: find out the latest movie goss
Updated 21 March 2003, 10.32
S Club revealed Rachel and Bradley snog in the movie
After selling 10m records worldwide and making four successful TV series, S Club are about to break into movies.

Seeing Double, in which the group taking on an evil genius who has cloned them, is released on April 11. We caught up with them for a chat.

How do you feeling about breaking into films?
Tina: We're going to be on a huge 50-ft screen - there's definitely going to be nerves, but it's also very exciting for us. It's very rare that you get to do a movie, especially when you're in a pop band. We had a bit of experience with our TV series, so it wasn't too alien for us.

How was making the film different to making your TV shows?
Jon: The series episodes are 25 minutes and we have to cram in a lot of things. In the movie, we got to really draw out the storyline and develop our characters. It made a change from running around trying to slap everything in with a smile and a song!

Bradley - they poke fun at you quite a lot in the film. How do you feel about that?
Bradley: In every kids' film or TV show, there's a silly guy. I don't take it personally if the writers want me to do silly things.

Rachel and Bradley - you have to share a screen kiss. What was that like?
Bradley: She had to beg me to do it!
Rachel: I didn't think we would be embarrassed because we know each other so well, but we were.
Bradley: There were people all around us, just watching.
Rachel: I would give him 6/10.

What's your favourite scene?
Rachel: We do a jail scene to Don't Stop Movin'. It reminded me of a big musical number. Everything felt that bit bigger and it was really exciting.

Gareth Gates makes a guest appearance in the film - what was it like working with him?
Bradley: I remember him saying he was kind of nervous, but it didn't show.
Hannah: He was brilliant.

How do you feel about S Club's image?
Jon: We never came out and said 'We are this really squeaky clean band and we are a great role model for your children'. That's what people started saying about us - it's a great responsibility to have, but it's not on my mind 24/7.

How have you changed since you got together?
Bradley: We were all pretty young when we first started. Our opinions have changed quite a lot. When I was 16, I thought 'I'm going to be on TV, I'm going to get loads of girls'. Now I'm more focused. I take it seriously.

Do you ever fall out?
Bradley: The hardest time we have been through is when we have been filming constantly for three months. We get a bit tired and there are arguments, but once we have had a little break and we are refreshed, we always feel better.

How do you cope with the attention from fans?
Hannah: It's only when we're together as a band that people chase us!
Rachel: A lot of people just want to say 'hi'. They just come and have a chat.
Bradley: It's not that hard to take out five or 10 minutes of your day to sign autographs and stuff. I end up having tea and coffee with people!

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