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  Soap stars turned pop stars
Updated 11 March 2003, 18.18
Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan
As Neighbours star Delta Goodrem launches her bid to hit the UK pop charts, CBBC Newsround rounds up all the key soap stars who've decided to get musical....


Gillian & Gail Blakeney 1991-1993
Played: Christina & Caroline Alessi
Biggest hit: Wanna Be Your Lover (No 65 in the charts in 1994)
Success rating: Other than a few websites offering wallpapers, the Blakeney twins have disappeared althogether.

Stefan Dennis
Paul Robinson 1988-1993
Biggest hit: Don't it make you feel good (No 16 in 1989)
Success rating: Stefan didn't do too well after Neighbours. He released two singles and then faded. He's apparently doing well in panto though.

Jason Donovan
Scott Robinson 1986-1988
Biggest hit: Too Many Broken Hearts (No 1 in 1989)
Success rating: Jason was a huge hit in the late 80s/early 90s. He had four albums and went on to star in London musicals.

Natalie Imbruglia
Beth Brennan (1993)
Biggest hit: Torn (No 2 in 1997)
Success rating: Natalie has so succesfully made the move into music, we forgot that she was ever in Neighbours.

Craig McLachlan
Henry Ramsay
Biggest hit: Mona with his band Check 1-2 (No 2 in 1990)
Success rating: Craig had a small amount of fame in a sci-fi show called BUGS, but Check 1-2 only released the one album.

Kylie Minogue
Charlene Ramsay 1987- 1989
Biggest hit: Can't Get You Out Of My Head (No 1 in the charts in 2001)
Success rating: Kylie almost melts our success-o-meter. She was massive at the start of the 90s, only to become a worldwide hit again in 2001.

Holly Valance
Flick Scully 1999-2002
Biggest hit: Kiss Kiss (No 1 in 2002)
Succes rating: Holly hasn't been able to match the success her debut single, but she's not out of the limelight yet.


Nick Berry
Played: Simon Wicks 1985-1990
Biggest hit: Every Loser Wins (No 1 in 1986)
Success rating: Nick left the heady music business to star in hit show HeartBeat, which made him a huge TV star.

Anita Dobson
Played: Angie Watts 1985-1988
Biggest hit: Anyone can fall in love (No 4 in 1986)
Success rating: Despite showing true musical genius by singing a song to the EastEnders' theme tune, Anita never really saw a music career take off.

Aidan Brosnan
Played: Sean Maguire 1993
Biggest hit: Good Day (No 12 in 1996)
Success rating: Sean did release three albums all told, although one was a Greatest Hits, so that does count. It's back to acting for him.

Paul Medford
Played: Kelvin Carpenter

Biggest hit: Something Outa Nothing with Letitia Dean (Sharron from EastEnders) (No 12 in 1986)
Success rating: Who? Even The BBC's EastEnders' site doesn't list him!

Martine McCutcheon
Played: Tiffany Mitchell 1995-1998
Biggest hit: Perfect Moment (No 1 in 1999)
Success rating: Martine's won awards for her performance in the London musical My Fair Lady.

Coronation Street

Kevin Kennedy
Played: Curly Watts 1983-present
Biggest hit: Bulldog Nation (2000)
Success rating: Despite a number of singles over the years, Kevin's sensibly stuck to Corrie.

Bill Tarmey
Played: Jack Duckworth 1979-present
Biggest hit: One Voice (No 16 in 1993)
Success rating: Bill's released a number of singles over the years, but Corrie seems to be where his heart lies.

Adam Rickitt
Played: Nick Tilsley 1997-2002
Biggest hit: I Breathe Again (No 5 in 1999)
Success rating: Adam's still around, although a return to Corrie is in the air.

Matthew Marsden
Played: Chris Collins 1997-1998
Biggest hit: The Heart's Lone Desire (No 13 in 1998)
Success rating: Despite dueting with Destiny's Child, there's been no real music success for Matt, but then he doesn't need it as he's carving a career in movies.

Tracy Shaw
Played: Maxine Peacock 1995-2003
Biggest hit: Happenin' All Over Again (No 46 in 1998)
Success rating: Tracy is out there making a showbiz name for herself on stage, and in exercise videos.

Home & Away

Dannii Minogue
Emma Jackson (1989-1991)
Biggest hit: Put The Needle On It
Success rating: Dannii has always been quite succesful, although she's permanently in the shadow of big-sister Kylie.


Claire Sweeney
Played: Lindsey Corkhill 1995-2001
Biggest hit: When You Beleive (2002)
Success rating: Claire's success owes a lot to her appearence in the first Celebrity Big Brother. After that, her music has taken her to musicals.

Byker Grove

Ant & Dec
Played: PJ & Duncan 1990-1993
Biggest hit: Let's Get Ready To Rhumble (No 9 in 1994)
Success rating: Ant & Dec had quite a succesful time musically, but their hearts belonged to comedy.


No one we can remember - so far.......

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