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  Stonesour: full interview
Updated 03 March 2003, 19.00
Corey from Stone Sour and Slipknot
Corey from Slipknot is now in a second band - Stone Sour. They've just completed their first UK tour and Corey and Josh took some time out to catch up with Newsround Lite.

Corey, this is you without your mask on!
Corey: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhh!

Now we've got that out of the way that's all good!

You've just finished your first UK Tour and your debut UK single comes out soon - what's this all about 'cos this isn't Slipknot is it?
Corey: No, no, no. This is just another band, it's me and Jim's second band and it's a way for us to make different music - you can't be brutal all the time because it gets old.

Melody has always been a huge part of my life so it was very important for me to get back. Me and Josh have been writing songs since we were kids so it was time to do that.

There's a bit of a story to how you guys got together - it's been a long time coming hasn't it?
Josh: It's been a really long process, the original band started back in 1992 and for the next five years we went through 12 guitarists, myself included and Jim and then Corey left for Slipknot. Jim followed, a couple of years later we got together and wrote some stuff and brought everybody back in and here we are today.

So in a word it's taken over 10 years to get here?
Corey: Basically, when I joined Slipknot I always knew that I'd come back and do Stone Sour one day and it was the perfect time to do it.

What happened, did you get fed up with the smelly masks?
Corey: How did you know?

No, it wasn't that, there was so much weird politics going on around Slipknot at the time plus it wasn't a happy time for me. I was really depressed and it was time for me to do something different again.

Why go out and do something else when you've got a band with four of your best friends in the world? We were ready to go and it was like - right let's get serious - let's do it!

I got the impression that it was very important for you guys in Slipknot to keep you anonymity - what's it like now that people know what you look like?
Corey: It wasn't that at all, we had a very specific ideology behind why we did it in the first place.

We wore the masks and coveralls to become more a part of the music - almost as if the music was a blanket and we'd rap ourselves in it.

That was the ideology behind it and then popular opinion started coming in and people were like we don't know who they are - and we were like - whatever - it's the music first.

Josh from Stone Sour

Those masks don't mean anything, they mean something to us but if you don't know what it's about - you don't know the truth. We know the truth so by doing this it was going back to the music and making music again.

Your first single is Melodic, it's real music isn't it?
Corey: Absolutely, I mean Slipknot's real music!

No I don't mean that! I mean it's melodic
Corey: Yeah, it's melodic, I wrote that song in '95. I write stuff like that all the time. It's just a great song - we wouldn't have necessary chosen it for our first single but people really got into it and got behind it so it chose itself. I'm happy about that.

Did they come to you asking you do to the song for the Spider-Man film?
Corey: It was really cool - I didn't even know if they would use it - everybody really, really liked that song.

It ended up in the hands of the people doing the Spider-Man soundtrack and they called me down to record it and I was freaking out because if there was one goal I set myself it was to become a part of the Spider-Man soundtrack. I got to do it - I was very fortunate, it was a great time.

Corey from Stone Sour and Slipknot

It's got really great lyrics as well - the words in Bother really mean something - when I listen to Slipknot I can't always hear what you're trying to tell me - if that makes sense.
Corey: Yeah, totally. The stuff that I write for Slipknot is very specific, it's very much a part of my past and what I've had to do.

With Stone Sour the lyrics are more accessible, they reach out a little more to everybody and it's always been that way.

I write about the relationships between people and everything else and it's not just from my point of view, it could be from anybody's point of you. I think that comes through.

Who influences Stone Sour?
Josh: Probably Alice in Chains, Metallica, a lot of the thrash bands of the 80s and 90s, but we're influenced by everything now. That was the case back in the early days but now we listen to such different stuff.

Corey: We're not so much influenced by bands but genres - if you really look at it we experiment with everything.

Josh, this must be quite weird for you because you weren't as big before this - do you feel that this is an amazing opportunity for you?
Josh: This is my first band, so I'm kind of spoilt, I didn't have to suffer playing covers in a bar like Corey, my first crowd was a sell out.

What was your favourite cover then?
Corey: We used to play the Juicy Fruit theme song and we used to do the Jeffersons theme song - it was awesome.

We played four or five nights a week and bars loved us. Our name is an alcoholic drink - we went out for five years solid and busted it and here we are now, it paid off.

Do you think it makes you stronger - I interview a lot of bands that haven't been together long - formed in reality TV?
Corey: TV reality shows are evil, the music industry is evil!

We've all known each other so long that we can tell each other how we feel, get mad, get over it and move on. I think we've got a really good advantage over other bands.

Tell me about the video?
Corey: I had the concept for the video a long time ago and I sat down and we worked it out and it's basically about staring at your own mortality and accepting your fate and not giving up hope.

It's a reflection of what the song's about - being in a dark spot and never giving up.

This is your first UK tour as Stone Sour - Josh what do you think so far?
It's been awesome, it's been better than we could have expected.

The crowd's been great - we're getting used to it. Last night I went out without security and I got pinned against a bus!

What is the best thing about being a rockstar?
We're not rock stars - we don't have fits like a lot of people do - we're just ordinary guys with extraordinary jobs.

That's all there is to it. We don't go for all that ego stuff. If we didn't have a record contract we'd still be doing this in our basement, it's that simple.

What's the future for Stone Sour?
Corey: We're going to tour, release more singles and take advantage of it while we still can.

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