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  Young drumming genius tours UK
Updated 25 February 2003, 18.37
Mark Lung
Drumming wonder Mark Lung, 12, starts a UK tour with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra this week.

He's played all over the world in the last five years and will be playing a specially written piece, Dragon Wings, with his father Lung Heung-Wing.

We caught up with him ahead of his performances at London's Barbican and Belfast's Waterfront halls. Here's what he had to say to the CBBC Newsround website.

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

NR: Is this your first time in the UK?

Mark: Yes, I really like all the old buildings and ancient history you have over here.

NR: How often do you have to practise?

Mark: If I have a performance coming up then I practise for five or six days each week. I play for about two to three hours each day.

NR: Who do you look up to as a musician?

Mark: My dad, he's not only a great performer but he also teaches. That's something I'd like to do when I'm older.

NR: Do you have a favourite composer?

Mark: I also study the piano so I really like the composer, Chopin.

NR: You've played in lots of countries around the world. Where have you enjoyed performing the most?

Mark: That's have to be Venice - it was lots of fun having to move all my instruments around by boats along the canals there!

NR: How did it feel to be on television?

Mark: Really exciting! I had a camera dangling over my head and was amazed by how many lights there were! It was funny having all the Blue Peter animals wandering around the studio too!

NR: Do you ever make mistakes?

Mark: Yes, I do. When that happens it's important to move on and finish the piece. I'll go back later and try to improve on it. It's important to try and forget about mistakes and concentrate on the good things.

NR: If you had one wish, what would it be?

Mark: I'd love to be a scientist and travel into space - it'd be good to perform on the moon. Or maybe to be able to play as Seeker in a Quidditch match - I've read all the Harry Potter books!

NR: What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to play as well as you?

Mark: When you practise try to be patient and concentrate and don't get upset when you make a mistake.

Watch Mark play!Watch Mark play!

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