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  Could Spice Girls reunite in Posh plan?
Updated 17 February 2003, 16.32
The girls for the launch of Spiceworld the Movie
All five Spice Girls are reported to be meeting up on Monday for the first time in five years.

Some pop insiders are even claiming that the once-legendary girl group will talk about reforming.

Mel B and Baby live
In the mid-90s, the Spice Girls became one of the most successful pop groups of all time.

They released nine singles, eight of them getting to number one in the UK, and dominating charts around the world.

But Geri left in 1998, and the band soon fell apart, with each of the members launching solo careers.

Supper at Beckingham Palace

Now a UK Sunday newspaper is reporting that Posh Spice has persuaded all five to forget their arguments and come to dinner at Beckingham Palace on Monday night.

It'll be the first time they've all been together since 1998.

A record company boss is quoted as saying that the Spice Girls were Posh's "first love".

She has apparently "pulled out all the stops" to get them all together.

And if they decided to do something like a world tour, it could net them 50m.

Could it be a comeback?

Mel C in her new video
But our view is that - to be honest - it's all pretty unlikely.

Mel B and Geri have never really patched up their disagreements.

Mel C has a new single out, and only last week she said her main memory of the Spice Girls was "always being hungry".

And Posh would probably still like to get at least one UK number one as a solo artist.

A reunion tour might be possible, as it would appeal to fans who are now five years older.

But as for launching new singles, the main risk would be flopping and destroying the Spice Girls legend.

In a CBBC Newsround vote in 2001, nearly half of you said you didn't want to see them on tour, and that Girl Power had died.

It may be dinner on Monday night, but the start of a comeback it probably ain't.

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