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  Behind the scenes at the Childline charity gig
Updated 27 January 2003, 20.19
Busted were at the party
By Rachel Gibson
CBBC Newsround Online in Dublin

On Sunday the Point Depot in Dublin hosted a special concert to raise money for kids charity Childline.

Rachel Gibson, reporter on our showbiz programme Newsround Lite, took a sneaky peak behind the scenes.

Then she forced herself to go to the after show party and bring back all the goss for you

The concert was held at the Point Depot in Dublin - a massive venue that was packed out with 8,000 party-goers.

Backstage the celebs were panicking

Moments performing Bryan from Westlife was franticly running around asking everyone and anyone if they had a pair of shiny black shoes he could borrow - he only had a matt pair and it didn't go with his outfit!

And Sam Mumba was still having her hair extensions put in just 10 minutes before she due on stage. But she had her little bro Omera backstage with her on hand to help out.

Everyone was really friendly, especially Busted. James kept on coming up and making faces at our camera.

They were full of energy - when we interviewed them they insisted in playing skittles with a melon and some plastic pop bottles!

We gatecrashed the VIP area

We were also hanging out and filming boy band Mankind - and managed to get themselves on the guest list to the after-show party.

It was held at a place called Lillie's Bordello - a top celeb hang-out.

We were only there for about half-an-hour when disaster struck and there was a power cut. Luckily one of the lads from Mankind is also a trained electrician and saved the day by helping to fix the fuse.

Yummy food

Food was smoked salmon on brown bread and chicken wings carried around on platters.

The venue was decked out in thick carpets, leather sofas and big gilded mirrors. Heavy velvet curtains separated the VIP bar from the main room - but we even managed to talk our way in there too!

The dress style was pretty cool - but loads of the girls looked really similar, dressed up in really low slung combats tucked into stiletto ankle boots.

At least two of the Sugababes and 3 of Girls Aloud were wearing this - it was hard to tell them apart!

Coming soon: Newsround Lite's special report on Louis Walsh's new boy band, Mankind

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