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  Blazin' Squad's Reepa reveals album details
Updated 25 November 2002, 15.06
Reepa talks about the Squad's album
Blazin' Squad's new album In The Beginning is out this week. The Squad's Reepa tells Leigh Mytton all about it.

Tell us about your album, In The Beginning
It's got an R&B, chilled-out vibe. We've written most of it ourselves. It's more relaxing.

What are the songs about?
There are love songs. We've got some weird things that you wouldn't think of doing - there's a tune about being superheroes. There are tracks about teenage life and what we do when we go out. There's a tune about teenage troubles and all the violence and drugs on the streets.

You were signed a year ago. How have you changed?
We've not changed as people, but the music has changed quite a bit. We started off quite garage-y and underground, but it wasn't really working in some ways, so we did the R&B and hip hop side of things. We had listened to that type of music from the start. When we starting making that kind of music, we found out we were as good at it as we were at garage.

What about all the attention from girls?
I love it. If you are a 16-year-old boy and you've got thousands of girls screaming at you, there's nothing to not like about it. Kenzie and Strider probably get the most attention.

Who messes about the most?
Spike E. Krazy has his moments now and again - he goes mad. We're all quite serious when it comes to our work, but when we're not working we muck around.

What's your ambition?
We'd like to go to Europe with the album and singles, but the major ambition for everyone is to try and break America.

Who chooses your clothes?
We go out with our stylist on shopping days. We pick the clothes and he says: "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

Do you ever go back to your old school?
We've been back a couple of times. We go into the college bit and see our mates. All the kids in Years 7 and 8 come up and ask for autographs.

Do you think you've inspired other kids to get into music?
My younger brother and his mates have got into MC-ing and DJ-ing. It gives them something to do. We used to be on the streets on a Friday and Saturday night, just mucking around. But then we got into MC-ing and went around someone's house. We were doing what we enjoyed.

What was the Smash Hits tour like?
That was wicked. We were with people like Harvey, Busted and the Sugababes. We got on really well with all of them and had little MC-ing competitions.

What would you be doing if you weren't in Blazin' Squad?
I'd be in bed or in college. I was going to do business studies and leisure and recreation. I was going to go to college because I didn't have anything else to do. I'd wanted to get into the music industry for three or four years.

How do you get on with the dance routines?
We like doing them. Sometimes they're a bit hard to pick up, but we're getting the hang of them now. Sometimes, the stage isn't big enough for all of us to fit in.

What are the best things about being in Blazin' Squad?
The girls, perfoming, being with my mates all the time.

What's been the highlight of your year?
Getting to No 1. We didn't really expect it. That was brilliant.

How do you chill out?
When we are home, we stay in and watch TV, spend time with the family or sleep. When we are on tour, if we are not working or mucking around, we just sleep. We watch TV and DVDs and play on the PlayStation. But we sleep most of the time.

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