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  One True Voice: 'we'll be number one!'
Updated 24 November 2002, 16.30
Keith, Jamie, Matt, Anton and Daniel - One True Voice
By Katie Hamilton
CBBC Newsround Online in Central London

The winning boys from Popstars The Rivals are now One True Voice and we met them at the swanky Oriental Mandarin Hotel in Knightsbridge (Britney's fave London stopover).

Pete Waterman was there to sing the praises of his latest boy band, oops I mean vocal harmony group!

Read on for all the goss from these fresh faced fellas!

What exactly is a vocal harmony group?

The boys tuck into tea and pastries
The boys tuck into tea and pastries
Pete: Basically I'm avoiding the whole boy band cliché of having one talented guy with four others that can't sing but look pretty. All of these guys are talented. They've recorded 54 songs in six weeks - that's five albums worth!

These guys have had a gruelling schedule, sometimes singing for 18 hours a day. It's not about singing karaoke either, we picked the hardest of songs for the show on Saturday night.

Where did the name come from?

Pete: They boys picked the name themselves - after all they're the ones who'll have to live with it. It's about five very different guys coming together and singing with One True Voice.

So can you reveal any secrets about the first single?

Pete: It'll be a double A side released on 2 December. The first song is one written by the Bee Gees - it's a long dance track called Sacred Trust. The second song is written by myself and Daniel and is called Long After You're Gone.

So are you all feeling daunted about what lies ahead now you've won?

Daniel tackles his first media interviews
Daniel tackles his first media interviews
Daniel: This is the beginning of something great for us all. We are really excited and hoping to have lots of number one hits, best selling albums and platinum discs all the way.

Keith: People seem to think we're only starting now, but we've been living the popstar's life for two months now. Hopefully the press have dug up everything they're going to by now!

Are you worried that what's happened to Hear'Say might happen to you?

Matt: We've got a different format, a different team behind us and we're the people's band.
Daniel: We know each other inside out and have created two fabulous songs. If we keep producing great songs people will buy our music.
Pete: I produced Hear'Say's first song, they should have stuck with me!

Some of you are pretty young, how do you think you'll cope?

Matt: There are older members of the band who I am sure will keep us younger ones in hand.

How did you celebrate last night?

Keith: I was up till 4am! I had to turn my mobile off it was going so mental!
Jamie: I just crashed out, I was so tired.
Daniel: There was lots of celebration when we saw our families, it was a nice night. But it wasn't crazy, when we got back to the house we were so tired we just went to bed.

It must have been pretty tough for Chris last night?

Jamie: I had mixed emotions, I was gutted for Chris but was ecstatic to get through.
Newsround's Adam chats with Pete Waterman
Newsround's Adam chats with Pete Waterman
Pete: I take my hat off to Chris Park. He was gracious in his defeat. There are no losers in this game, the lads have already had offers. One guy's got a part in a west end musical.
But I've got to go back into the studio this afternoon and take Chris's vocals off the new single which will be very tough.

Which of the girls will you be voting for next week?

Jamie: (Turning bright red) I'll be voting for Cheryl.

And are you going to beat the girls to number one?

Daniel: They don't stand a chance, of course we'll be number one!
Pete: I have got to beat Louis Walsh!

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