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  S Club: full interview
Updated 12 November 2002, 20.25
S Club
S Club spoke to Lizzie Greenwood on our showbiz show Newsround Lite

What's your new single like?
Rachel: It's in the same vein as Don't Stop Moving, it's got the same sort of vibe, it's just about having a good time.

What do you prefer - ballads or upbeat?
Jon: Much prefer doing upbeat stuff, just to perform. Obviously you do so many TV shows promoting the single. It gets quite boring after three minutes.

Rachel, is it true you're going to be in a Hollywood film?
Rachel:It's not as big as the papers have made out unfortunately! It's fantastic. I worked alongside Summer Phoenix, it was very cool, interesting."

Rachel and Hannah
Rachel and Hannah
What was it like working on a big film set - what was different?
Rachel: To be honest I wasn't there for long enough, I was only there on the day so Summer Phoenix's winnebago (trailer) was probably really big but no, mine was fine.

It was quite weird because we'd just finished filming our movie. I was just used to the crew and everything on our set, to go onto another movie was quite strange.

What's it like for the rest of you when one of you goes and does something else - how do you keep your unity?
Rachel: We really get on well and we're all friends, so if someone goes off and does something else that's a really good thing, we're really happy for that person. We've still got loads of stuff to do as a band.

Where is Jo today?
Hannah: Jo's at home at the moment. Basically she's going to have to rest for a couple of months cos she's got a bad back. I think she's coming in on the odd occasion where she can.
Jon: She'll be coming in for Children in Need.
Hannah: So you can see her then. We are still a six piece even though we've been five for the last few weeks!

Don't stop Moving was a big song for Bradley and Alive is too, isn't it?
Bradley: I just think those particular songs that we released as singles suited my voice at the time. Just because I'm singing the lead vocal don't look at it as my song, it's always a team.

How much writing do you guys do?
Tina, Jon and Bradley
Tina, Jon and Bradley
Jon: We've been writing since the beginning. We co-wrote Bring It Back which was our first single. We've written throughout all our albums and stuff, and this one as well. Me and Tina have co-written a track we've always been writing. I'm actually writing in the studio tomorrow - we do it all the time.
Bradley: Not a lot of people know that!
Tina: It's definitely something I'd like to get more involved with. It's just a real buzz hearing it on the album.

What's your favourite part of being in S Club - the singing, dancing, writing or acting?
Rachel: Music
Hannah: Acting
Tina: Music
Bradley: The music gets me more than the acting - but I wouldn't say I wouldn't do a movie!
Jon: Music

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