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  Avril Lavigne talks to Newsround
Updated 10 October 2002, 16.09
Avril Lavigne has sold millions of albums, and she's only just 17. She told our showbiz show Newsround Lite what it felt like to have already won an MTV award.

How did you get where you are?
I sang my first solo in church. I've been performing since I was really young and I've known all my life that this is what I wanted to do. So if you're asking how I got signed to Arista [record company] I would tell you that just by being very determined and motivated.

Why are you so determined?
I just love music, love singing, love being in front of people up on stage and that's all I ever really dreamed about.

A lot of people believed in me and I believed in myself. My parents were there and totally supported me they helped me get gigs, drove me places, financially supported me and always pushed me.

What was it like winning the MTV award?
Well obviously by winning an award, that's more promotion. Everyone that's watching sees you, those people who are watching that didn't know who you were now know who I am.

Where do you write your songs?
I'm never home, so I'm usually in hotel rooms but yes I usually sit on the floor, sit on my bed or whatever. Sit down with my guitar and just start strumming away, come up with chord progressions, throw some melodies on top and add my lyrics.

What's it like to have so much so young?
It's really cool that I've had success at this age because it's building a strong foundation for my future. I want to continue doing this, being this successful at the age that I am.

Were you surprised or overwhelmed by your success?
Yes, it does get overwhelming. I'm just starting to realise that. I was fine a little while ago but now that things are taking off that's when the stress is coming in, the crazy lifestyle. It's not a normal thing for a 17-year-old to be going through.

Do you get lonely?
For sure yeah. When I used to travel on my own that was more difficult than it is now, because now I have the band with me we're all really good friends and they're like my family on the road.

What do you think of British music?
Cool, I like it.

Would you like to work with anyone else?
Definitely in the future I plan on collaborating with someone, I think that would be a lot of fun. To get together with someone who writes, another artist. But right now I'm focusing on my own thing.

Any advice for other kids like you?
If you really believe in yourself and truly believe that this is what you're supposed to do with your life, don't give up, keep performing, keep exposing yourself so that the right person comes along and spots you.

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