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  Newsround chat to Will Young!
Updated 03 October 2002, 17.24
Will Young
Will's long-awaited debut album From Now On will be released in the UK on 7 October.

Newsround caught up with him to chat about the album and his thoughts on Hear'Say's break up.

Newsround: Hear'Say have just split up - they were the originals - how do you feel about the news that they've split?

Will: I think it's really sad.

It's difficult for me to comment because I haven't been doing this for very long, but it's sad for anyone if they've been in the industry and it all goes perhaps slightly wrong.

I wish them the best of luck.

Newsround: They've been quoted as saying the public make you and the public break you.

They were chosen by judges, the people wanted you to be their Pop Idol.

Do you think that will make it easier for you?

Will Young

Will: We've come from different programmes.

Their's was more reality TV, our has a public element.

You can't tell - it's like anything in life you just have to be thankful.

I'm thankful everyday because I'm doing what I'm doing.

You don't know how long it's going to last and that's the way I'm going to stay.

Newsround: You're debut album is out next week. It's called From Now On, tell me a bit about it.

Will: One of the highlights is that Burt Bacharach wrote a song with Cathy Dennis who wrote Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head.

She's probably Britian's top female song writer and that's one of the key things for me on the album.

I've always listened to Burt Bacharach's songs and now there's one on the album.

It's very mellow and its got a very positive vibe to it.

I've co-written five or six songs and I've learnt in the writing process that it just sort of comes about.

From Now On took the shortest time to write, it just happened.

Someone was strumming on a guitar and we did it in about an hour and a half - it was amazing!

Newsround: Had you written any songs before?

Will Young

Will: I've never done any songwriting - I've always wanted to write songs but I never knew how to go about it.

I play the piano but not well enough to write music.

I used to record melodies and record my voice but I never had any instruments - it's been such a great learning experience.

Newsround: Is it something that you'll concentrate more on in the future?

Will: I think it's very important that you get the right songs.

If someone comes to me with a great song then I'll sing it.

If I happen to write it and it's brilliant then I'll sing that as well.

I definitely want to write more because I love the creative process but I'm quite happy to sing great songs wherever they come from.

Newsround: So you don't mind doing other people's songs?

Will: I don't mind, no. I think sometimes there's a lot of stress to write your own songs.

I love writing but if I heard a great song I'd sing that too.

I just enjoy singing, it doesn't matter - any time any place!

Newsround: You're number one at the moment with Gareth - you're on tour with him - what's it like spending so much time with together?

Will: He's unbearable! I've said this time and time again but people think I'm joking! The man is unbearable!

Newsround: Are you going to continue working with him? How well does it work?

Will: It's been so much fun doing the duet - doing it with someone else and getting to know Gareth better.

We've had such a laugh and now we're going on tour.

We're just getting to know each other better out of the context of the competition.

Before even though we never had a problem with it, we were against each other in the competition.

I think that after the tour we will go our separate ways.

My album's come out, his album will come out in the future and it's a nice parting - a friendly farewell!

Newsround: When are you going to be doing a solo tour?

Will: I don't know - get this tour out of the way first.

We had dress rehearsals yesterday and it's fantastic.

Maybe next year sometime I'll do some smaller concerts - I love the intimacy of 500 people or so.

We'll probably do some of those before doing a big tour again.

Newsround: How has your life changed since you've become the Pop Idol winner. What do you miss?

Will: I don't really miss anything.

I'm still the same person, I still have the same family, friends, still live in the same place.

I've just gained a lot of things.

The best thing about it is actually working for a living.

I spent so long in education and was thinking how am I going to get a job and how am I going to sing?

Now I'm singing as a job - it's perfect for me, it's a dream come true!

Newsround: You must miss going out for a pizza with your mates - has that changed?

Will: It has changed in terms of becoming a public face but I still go out for pizza with my mates - I promise you.

I still go out for a drink, still go to the park but people recognise me and no one ever recognised me before.

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