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  Meet the 10-year-old with 1m record deal
Updated 03 October 2002, 15.24

When Robbie Williams was 10, he probably had a paper round, Declan Galbriath has a record deal.

For three classical albums, Declan nets a cool 1m. His first album, called Declan, was released on 23 September

Here's what he had to say to CBBC Newsround Online.

NR: How were you spotted?

Declan: I was singing in local talent shows when a man named Barry Mason (who wrote the famous Tom Jones' song Delilah) spotted me and put me on GMTV. Six different record companies phoned the programme trying to sign me.

The first thing I did was sing "Walking in the air" in a Christmas 2001 album which also had a song from Westlife on.

NR: How often do you have to practise singing:

Declan: I don't have to practise that often, but I do have a voice coach who shows me how to stand and breathe so I can sing better. I don't see him that often, now that I know how. I do see him just before something big, like a recording or a concert, just to top up.

  Click here to hear Declan sing

NR: You're obviously really busy, when do you get to go to school?

Declan: I still go about three to four days a week, but I may have to leave and just have a tutor if I get much busier.

NR: We know you love to sing, but what else interests you?

Declan: I've loved singing since I was a baby, but I really love sports. I play football, cricket, rugby and I play on my Playstation2 a lot. But, yeah I really like sports.

NR: If you couldn't sing, what do you think you'd be interested in?

Declan: There's still sports and I really like acting...I love sports though.

NR: Is the music you sing your favourite type of music?

Declan: I wouldn't say it's my favourite type of music, I really like the classical stuff, but I love all kinds of music. I like Rock, Motown, Westlife, Robbie Williams and Irish Folk ballads. My family is three-quarters Irish, so I grew up hearing the ballads.

NR: You mentioned you liked Westlife and you had the chance to work with them when you were first signed, didn't you?

Declan: A lot of people think I've sang with Westlife, but I haven't. We both had a track on the 2001 Christmas CD. We did both sing separately at a concert and I tried to meet them afterwards, but they were stuck in a big crowd signing autographs.

Fact File
Tracks on Declan's album, called Declan
Danny Boy
I'll be There
It All begins with Love
Your Friend
Love Can Build A Bridge
Mamma Said
Till The Day
Amazing Grace
Circles In The Sand
Tell Me Why
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Declan's Prayer)

NR: Did you have much say over which songs went on your album?

Declan: The record company picked 24 songs and I recorded them all. Then everybody sat down around a table and listened to them and we chose the best 14.

NR: Sorry to ask, but we've got to know how much pocket money does a kid, with a 1m record contract, get?

Declan: That's alright. I get 10 a week. I don't know what's going to happen with the contract money yet.

Hear Declan's Danny BoyHear Declan's Danny Boy

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