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  Dear Diary: Blazin's MC Freek goes to Dublin
Updated 02 October 2002, 16.04

In the fourth of the Blazin' Squad diaries, MC Freek, aka Ollie reveals what he's been up to this week.

2 October

We have had quite a busy week so far. We went over to Dublin to do some touching up of a few tracks.

We worked with Biff and Co, who are really good producers. They've worked with loads of big acts, including the Spice Girls, so that was really wicked.

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As well as touching up some of our other songs, we recorded a new song called This is Where the Story Ends.

It's a R'n'B track, about finishing being a teenager. It sounds excellent.

We can all relate to what the song's about, so it's quite personal. But I think it applies to everyone as well - we all stop being a teenager at some point!

Filming our new video, Love on the Line, was great fun. We did it on quite a few locations, and it has a real urban vibe.

We're really happy with it. The premiere is coming up soon. It'll be at Planet Hollywood.

Unfortunately we're not going to see it there.

Our schedules are too busy for that!

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We're pretty much always busy, although we do have some time off coming up.

We do get to see our families quite a bit, but not too often.

We're probably too busy for a steady girlfriend, but we're never too busy for our girl fans, you know what I mean!

We've got a couple of tours coming up, so things look like they're not going to calm down just yet!

Anyway, speak to you soon

Love Ollie

Check the site next Friday for another diary entry from one of the boys.

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