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  Dear Diary: Blazin's Spike-e reveals all
Updated 06 September 2002, 15.31

In the second of the Blazin' Squad diaries, Spike-e, aka Sam, gives us the lowdown on life at the top.

6 September

Hi, Sam here

The week started off to a bit of a disappointment, 'cos we found out that we weren't number one anymore. But knowing that we were beaten by Atomic Kitten made us feel better.

I mean they have a huge fan base and are completely wicked! So it was cool.

It's been a really busy week, again, but we're getting into more of a routine now.

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We've been getting up everyday, then going to voice training, then working on the dance routines for our new single, and then working on the album in the studio.

Cheeky chappie, Sam
Our dancing rehearsals are really beginning to pay off now and it's starting to look really good. Although, it is quite difficult getting the steps in time, particularly as there are 10 of us!

And the voice training is really good and we're making progress.

We're getting to the stage when we have found that we have distinctive voices so hopefully we can start on harmonies soon.

With all this going on we haven't had much time to go out! But that's the nice thing about having a crew - you get to spend all day with your mates.

Oh yeah, the new single is now finished and is called Love On The Line. It'll be out in November.

Speak soon
Love Spike-e

Check the site next Friday for another diary entry from one of the boys.

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