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  Who are boys from Busted?
Updated 06 September 2002, 15.29
Busted are a boy band with attitude and are the latest UK group to hit the music scene.

The three lads released their debut single What I Go To School For on September 16 and look like they are about to burst into the top five!

Want to find out more about them? Then read on.

Who writes the music for the band?

Busted: All of us.

Mattie: We all do it. Someone will have an idea and we'll all sit down and start planning away and strumming away!

Did you enjoy school?


Charlie: It was awesome!

James: I enjoyed the break times.

Mattie: I enjoyed doing stuff with my mates but I hated going to class and having to do work.

Charlie: Everything outside academic work was cool.

Mattie: There was nothing worse than double maths!

Charlie: When you're not bored in class school is so much fun.

Are you from a musical background?


Mattie: I was always a musical kid, I was a bit of a show off as well - my mum always used to say: "You're such a show off you're going to work in the music business!"

James: I'm the first person in my family to show a real interest in music.

Charlie: My musical side comes from my mum I think. My great, great, great grandfather was a famous composer in that era so I think it's passed down! I was always into music - I've wanted to be in music since I was very young.

Is What I Go To School For actually about a teacher?

Busted: It's about Matt's science teacher.

Mattie: I used to fancy my teacher. Everyone at my school fancied my science teacher.

Do you all play instruments?


James: I've played the guitar for over a decade, the piano for a few years and occasionally I play the drums.

Charlie: I've played the guitar for 11 years, drums for six years and bass for five.

Mattie: I play the bass and the guitar.

Who would you like to do a duet with?

Busted: Justin Timberlake or Michael Jackson.

Charlie: We'd love to do a duet with Justin Timberlake - he's got an amazing voice. The harmonies and the ad-libs - he's got such strong vocals.

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