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  Slipknot rock Reading
Updated 26 August 2002, 01.58

By Tim Masters
CBBC Newsround Online at the Reading Festival

They may not have been headlining at the Reading Festival, but the sea of black Slipknot t-shirts said it all.

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The masked nu-metallers from Iowa took to the stage on Sunday just as the sun was setting behind the dance tent.

And as the first explosive chords burst over the main arena the crowd started bouncing up and down.

It was clear Slipknot were aiming for the upper end of the Richter Scale.

Mosh pit

Matthew and Ross
Matthew and Ross, both 13, from Bedfordshire, were down at the front of the stage.

"The music was brilliant," Matthew told Newsround Online, "but there was lots of pushing and kicking in the mosh pit. We nearly fell over!"

"I really like the masks," said Ross, "the band could walk out in the crowd right now without the masks on and no-one would know it was them."

Head bangers

In some ways, Slipknot are more interesting to watch than to listen to.

The nine band members have amazing energy and they create such a huge wall of noise.

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Clown on the drums (Pic: Martin Vennard)
(Pic: Martin Vennard)
The synchronised head-banging and stage-jumping is as well choreographed as anything by S Club!

Song highlights included My Plague and Disaster Piece - when the Clown's tom-toms rose up into the air on a hydraulic platform with Shawn Crahan standing on top of them.

Wacky shorts

Earlier in the afternoon the crowd at the main stage enjoyed Puddle of Mudd, the hit song Blurry getting the biggest applause.

And US punks NOFX kept everyone entertained with their jokey chatter, wacky shorts and by playing three songs in two minutes!

Slipknot were followed by The Offspring who recorded the audience singing for their next album.

And headliners The Prodigy got the whole place dancing.

Ears ringing

But it was Slipknot who battered the ear drums the best.

Slipknot on stage
They didn't just play their instruments, they pummelled them.

And if you ever wonder what they look like, someone texted this clue onto a huge screen near the dance tent:

"It's not really Slipknot, it's the cast of Neighbours!"

So now you know.

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