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  Who are Blazin' Squad?
Updated 22 August 2002, 11.26
Blazin' Squad met at school
Blazin' Squad are reckoned to be the next big pop sensation, so just who are they?

Well, the 10 mates are all from London and they met at school.

They started playing together three years ago in their bedrooms and now at the age of 16 their debut single is Crossroads.

But who's who in the group?

MC Freek
Freek of Blazin' Squad

Real name Ollie, Freek's almost as mad about his footy as he is about music. Why's he called Freek? He was a huge fan of the radio station Freek FM.
Star sign - Capricorn.

Melo-d of Blazin' Squad

Real name Chris, Melo-d is the most talkative of the group. He says he chose the name Melo-d because he just liked the sound of it.
Star sign - Scorpio.

Strider of Blazin' Squad

Strider's real name is Mus, but he earnt the name Strider after running really fast. He loves MCing and writing song lyrics. He says he tried to be a DJ but was pants!
Star Sign - Scorpio.

Reepa of Blazin' Squad

Real name Stuart, Reepa loves sprinting when he's not mixing music. When not in the studio he can usually be found on the running track hanging out with Strider and Krazy.
Star sign - Pisces.

Krazy of Blazin' Squad

Real name Lee, Krazy admits to having some crazy moments! His mates say he's the one who's the first to do anything mad. He's a keen runner and in 2001 won the Under 16s London Marathon.
Star sign - Cancer.

Spike-e of Blazin' Squad

So called because he has spikey hair, but his real name is Sam. However, Flava does get away with calling him 'Perm Head'! He says he got into music when Kenzie got his decks.
Star sign - Scorpio.

Flava of Blazin' Squad

Flava, also known as James, is the guy with music in his blood. His dad played guitar in a band and Flava's been playing the piano since he was just five. He says he got the name Flava, because he listens to so many different types of music.

Rocky B
Rocky B of Blazin' Squad

Like Flava, Rocky, who's real name is Marcel, listens to a broad mix of music. Why did he get given the name Rocky? Because he's a huge fan of the Rocky movies.
Star sign - Capricorn.

Kenzie of Blazin' Squad

His real name is James, but his surname is MacKenzie, hence the crew name. Like Melo-d he's a bit of a chatterbox, and like many of his mates he loves pirate radio stations.
Star sign - Capricorn.

DJ Tommy B
Tommy B of Blazin' Squad

He's the one and only DJ in the crew and the musical maestro. When not playing on his decks you'll probably find him in a bundle of records exploring hot new sounds.
Star sign - Pisces.

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