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  Kerrang! awards 2002 - nominations in full
Updated 20 August 2002, 20.37
Can Slipknot do it a third year in a row?

There are 12 awards in all. Some are voted for by Kerrang! readers; others by a special panel. All the info is below.

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1) Best International Newcomer
Voted for by Kerrang! readers and on their website

American Headcharge
Possibly stranger and scarier than Slipknot, there's literally hundreds of Headcharge (well, seven of 'em) and they are some of the most extreme new 'faces' on the rock scene.

Sum 41
These pottymouth Canadians have gone off big-style both sides of the Atlantic - so much so that they are sensationally nominated in the Best Newcomer and in the Best Band In The World categories.

Puddle Of Mudd
Protégés of Limp Bizkit, the Mudd are positively melting over the UK and US rock scenes, selling millions of albums and achieving top 10 status with their hit Blurry.

The Hives
One of this year's success stories, The Hives' explosive live performances, huge album Your New Favourite Band and idiosyncratic sense of style has propelled them into the mainstream on both sides of the Atlantic.

Jimmy Eat World
At the forefront of the huge, if often confusingly depicted 'Emo' scene, Jimmy Eat World are justly nominated in this newcomer category as they finally crashed on through this year with their latest CD - despite having released three albums previously.

2) Best Single
Voted for by Kerrang! readers and on their website

Nickelback - How You Remind Me
¿or how to dominate the singles charts for months on end. This dynamic power-ballad by the Canadian quartet became resident in the UK Top 5 for weeks, and helped Nickelback's Silver Side Up album become one of the biggest sellers of the year.

Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
Manson's typically fried take on the Soft Cell song, it featured in the soundtrack to Not Another Teen Movie and scored MM another UK Top 10 hit.

Puddle Of Mudd - Blurry
Fred Durst's finds hit paydirt in the US and UK with this nu-grunge anthem. Taken from the similarly huge Come Clean album, even though this was only PoM's second single, it felt like they'd been around for years.

Korn - Here To Stay
The godfathers of nu-metal returned to the fray with this typically disturbed stab of barbed rock. It heralded their fourth, and some say best, album, Untouchables.

The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So
One of this year's success stories, The Hives' explosive live performances, huge album Your New Favourite Band and idiosyncratic sense of style has propelled them into the mainstream on both sides of the Atlantic.

3) Classic songwriter
Award chosen by Kerrang!'s editorial committee, so no nominations announced.

4) Best British Live Act
Voted for by listeners to Radio One's Rock Show

After Feeder's success at The Awards last year (winners of this prize) it seems appropriate for their former touring partners A to be nominated - especially after an exceptional year of hits with singles Nothing and Starbucks and the album Hi-Fi Serious.

Committed, convincing Welsh 6-piece took flight from the indie sector before landing a lucrative major management and record deal. They justly won best new British band at last year's awards and this nomination represents the giant steps they've made this year.

Best British Band last year and many people's vote for this accolade too. Muse tour relentlessly and their stunning, overwhelming live show can be witnessed on their recently released live DVD 'Hullabaloo'.

Hundred Reasons
Home-counties based five-strong HR have patiently taken their time reaching the pinnacle of a top 10 album (Ideas Above Our Station), but, as their forthcoming UK tour attests: there are few bigger live acts in the country.

Raging Speedhorn
Speedhorn are another awesome live show, and they could only have been borne out of the frustrations of small town life in the UK. A dual vocal assault of sound and fury, the are sure to be one of the big names of 2003.

5) Best Video
Voted for by viewers of Kerrang! TV

Slipknot - My Plague
A raging live performance intercut with footage from Resident Evil - the song featured on the soundtrack - the live stuff comes from the London Arena sickfest, earlier this year.

Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
Manson, plus band, invades college house party with frankly disturbing results. Disturbing oversized teddy bear shots and Jacuzzi scenes a-plenty: all in a day's work for MM.

Tenacious D - Tribute
Jack Black and friend revisit their devilish intersection in a two-dollar recording booth. Dave Grohl appears. As the horned one, obviously. Genuinely hilarious.

Linkin Park - In The End
The Park perform this mellow cut from their billion-selling Relationship Of Command album atop an ancient watchtower as gigantic animated flying whales circle them. Weird.

Foo Fighters - The One
Fresh from his sojourn with Queens Of The Stone Age, Mr Grohl took time out to invent himself as a Performing Arts school pupil-cum-loser for this tragicomic promo cut.

6) Best British Band
Voted for by Kerrang! readers and on their website

Hundred Reasons
Hundred Reasons won Best New British Act in 2000, and this nomination comes halfway through their biggest year yet. They've had Top 20 singles, a Top 10 album and have toured across the UK and Europe.

The success of their third Hi-Fi Serious album will be welcomed by many rock fans - this very likeable band deserve their place at the top table after years of hard slog.

Nominated for the second year running, Muse's histrionic, operatic take on rock's more emotional areas continue to propel them to success all around the world. Is there no stopping them?

First nomination for this Scottish literate alt-rock four-piece. The Remote Part, another top 10 rock album, is widely regarded as one of the albums of the year. Idlewild love their hair metal too - before anyone asks.

Another nomination for LostProphets - richly deserved after a huge year that has seen them play Ozzfests UK and US, and hit the top 40 with 'The Fake Sound Of Progress'.

7) Spirit Of Independence
Voted for by a Kerrang! editorial panel

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
This man has epitomised the spirit of rock'n'roll whilst shakin' and hollerin' on numerous Pussy Galore, Boss Hog and Blues Explosion albums.

Alkaline Trio (Stupid Kid)
Alkaline Trio are one of the most hotly tipped new hardcore bands around. Signed to the US label Vagrant records Alkaline Trio combine the power of hardcore with a lyrical bent that is more personal and empathic.

The Icarus Line (Feed A Cat To Your Cobra)
Truly one of the most astonishing live acts to come out of the US in recent years, The Icarus Line recently made news when one of their members trashed Austin TX's po-faced reverence to Steve Earle at the South By South West music seminar earlier this year.

Alec Empire (Addicted To You)
Empire has agitated at the fringes of the mainstream for many years via his solo work, his alter ego Atari Teenage Riot and his label Digital Hardcore. This nomination is a further validation of his uncompromising stance.

D4 (Exit To The City)
Uncompromising New Zealand four-piece who seemed carved from the same rock as The Ramones and other party punk dudes. Their last video was shot in the back of their tour van.

8) Best International Live Act
Voted for by T4 viewers

Emotive Californian types who've achieved hugely on both sides of the Atlantic - hit singles, tours, albums etc. Notwithstanding singer Brandon Boyd's model good looks, Incubus have definitely got 'the rock'.

System Of A Down
This explosive, angular US four-piece are noted for their dark, atmospheric videos, their elastic albums as well as their explosive live show.

Another nom for the nine-headed Iowa monster: recent live highlights have included a sold out date at London Arena - in front of thousands of 'maggots' - their army of fans.

This German act deserves their nomination in this category if only for pushing the boundaries of live performance with every tour. Part rock-show, part performance art, Rammstein are one of the hottest shows around.

New Found Glory
In a short space time this Florida act have taken off in the UK, and are the latest bouncy punk types to follow in the footsteps of Green Day and Blink 182. They retain credibility whilst crossing over into the mainstream - due in no small part to their joyous live show.

9) Best New British Band
Voted for by a panel of music experts

Cooper Temple Clause
CTC are one of a clutch of new Brit bands who are shaking up the home music scene and are seemingly engaging a whole new generation of UK acts. Tremendously, much of their success has been driven by old-fashioned fan power.

Hell Is For Heroes
"All hail the new kings of killer riffs" said one magazine. HIFH have been together for two years, recorded their debut album (The Neon Handshake - out Feb 2003) in LA and will tour with Papa Roach in the Autumn.

Recent touring partners to HIFH, InMe took time out to travel to Canada to film their first video. The future looks especially rosy for these emotionally charged rockin' upstarts.

The Kennedy Soundtrack
Friends of Kerrang! since their participation in the inaugural K! Schools Tour this summer, The Kennedy Soundtrack hail from South Wales and weld hip hop moves to hefty slabs of riff-metal.

'80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster
They rode out of Brighton early this year and released the awesome "Morning Has Broken". This band are the missing link between The Doors and The Birthday Party. A must see.

10) Best Album
Voted for by Kerrang! readers and on their website

Puddle Of Mudd - Come Clean
This nomination is an endorsement of the quality of Puddle Of Mudd's Come Clean album - and will go some way to helping them get rid of the media-tag 'Fred Durst's finds'.

System Of A Down - Toxicity
Widely regarded as one of the most adventurous rock albums of the last year, Toxicity is expansive, dark, riff-laden but has also spawned genuine chart hits.

Sum 41 - All Killer No Filler
All Killer No Filler is simply stuffed with hit singles - Canada's Sum 41's rise to superstardom seems to have taken no time at all.

Hundred Reasons - Ideas Above Our Station
Ideas Above Our Station rightly debuted in the UK's Top 10 album charts. They have become one of the biggest UK rock bands over the last year or so - and have built a huge army of loyal fans. Next stop: the rest of the world.

Nickelback - Silver Side Up
Propelled by the massive single How You Remind Me, Silver Side Up quickly became one of the biggest selling albums of 2002, toughing it out with Stereophonics, Enrique Iglesias et al.

11) Best Band In The World
Voted for by Kerrang! readers and on their website

Sum 41
Nomination number 3 for Sum 41, which emphasises their phenomenal ascent to the top of the rock heap over the last twelve months. It seems that this band have truly captured the hearts of the nation.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
They've been through a lifetime-worth of disasters, but still the Chilli Peppers get stronger and stronger - and they may just have come up with their best album yet, the sublime By The Way - number 1 in the UK charts again this week.

Winners of this award for the previous two years could Slipknot - in a year where the masks have slipped - get the hat trick?

Linkin Park
The biggest selling act in the US last year¿ huge tours¿ massive singles¿ extraordinary videos¿ all this on one studio album.

A year which has seen them score a bona fide mega-hit single, a massive album and played on the theme tune to Spiderman now sees Nickelback nominated in this prestigious category.

12) Hall of Fame
Voted for by the Kerrang! editorial team

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