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  Daniel Bedingfield makes music in the nude
Updated 16 August 2002, 18.31
Daniel Beddingfield
Daniel Bedingfield burst onto the music scene from nowhere with his massive hit Gotta Get Thru This.

He produces all his tracks in his bedroom, but we got him out of there to chat about his new single, naked music composing and what it's like being famous.

Newsround: You've done something a lot of people haven't managed to do you've broken America.
Daniel: I haven't broken America yet Gotta Get Thru This is heading up it's at number eight this week but it's shooting up and if I have a hit with that song and then a few more then that counts as breaking America. And selling lots of albums.

Newsround: When did you know that you wanted to sing?
Daniel: I've always wanted to do music. At about nine-years-old I knew that I definitely wanted to be a musician and sing to millions of people.

Newsround: What do you think you've got that others haven't?
Daniel: I've no idea why Gotta Get Thru This is taking off in America. I wish I could tell you because then I could sell it and make lots of money.

Newsround: It was a surprise hit for you, what did it have?
Daniel: I think people liked the words, they thought the tune was catchy and they could dance to it.

Newsround: Will people be surprised by your new single?
Daniel: I think people have been surprised by James Dean it grows on them after a while.

Newsround: We've heard that you like to produce your music naked is this true?
Daniel: I like to produce my music completely naked if there are other people around then I put on boxer shorts. It gives me a lot of freedom the more clothes I take off the better I sing. I walk around my house in my boxers all day cos I live with my sister. If I didn't I'd walk around starkers!

Newsround: You've co-produced and written all the stuff on the album is your independence important to you?
Daniel: It's very important to me that I produce everything. Basically I made sure that I got to do everything and make sure everything sounds how I want it to sound.

Newsround: How much of James Dean was produced in the bedroom?
Daniel: James Dean sounds almost exactly how I did it in my bedroom. The whole album was done in my bedroom.

Newsround: When you were a kid was your room a place where you were creative?
Daniel: I love my bedroom, I always sit in there and read and stuff and my name is Bedingfield!

Newsround: Have you got any tips for people sitting in their bedrooms trying to make music?
Daniel: If you want to make it making music you've got to have dedication and put everything towards it. You've got to get into the scene, get to know musicians and get your music listened to.

Newsround: What was it like when Gotta Get Thru This became huge, what was it like?
Daniel: It was crazy I was no-one one minute and the next minute I'm in everyone's offices being offered lots of money!

Newsround: What about the Madonna rumours?
Daniel: Madonna was a rumour, a nice rumour. She did want to sign me but she never offered to do a duet although that would be fun.
I'm hopefully doing a duet with Mariah Carey. I just finished writing it a couple of days ago and hopefully it will go ahead, it's called 1000 Lifetimes.

Newsround: What do you think about Pop Idol?
Daniel: Pop Idol's about entertainment, it's about people watching and people buying and it's a marketing thing and it works for the people that are doing it.

Newsround: Who's your idol?
Daniel: I have three people who I really aspire to be like. Bono from U2, Bob Dylan, and Sting. I think they're fantastic role models for me.
They've stayed really real, and they're still with their wives - that's who I want to be.

Newsround: Where do you go from here?
Daniel: I've made my album, I'll tour my album, I'll make another album, I'll tour that and then do it again and again.

Newsround: What is like to be famous?
Daniel: It's like being on a desert island all by yourself and the world's out there and you can't ever be part of it again. When you talk to people they don't see you they see this big thing that they think you are.
Everywhere you go people say hello to you. You get to work with really cool people. It's surreal and nothing like the life I lived before. I'd like to have the best of both worlds but you can't.

Newsround: Who's music do you rate?
Daniel: Miss Dynamite, David Gray and Coldplay they are all great.

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