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  Pop Idol's Sarah Whatmore chats to Newsround
Updated 15 August 2002, 19.10
Sarah's debut single is called 'When I Lost You'
It's not just Will, Gareth and Darius who have made it big from Pop Idol.

Sarah Whatmore didn't get into the final 10, but she was offered a record contract almost as soon as she was voted off the show.

Her debut single 'When I Lost You' comes out in September.

Newsround: What went through your mind when you got voted off Pop Idol?
Sarah: I just wanted to get on with my life really. I'd had a great time, and got some brilliant feedback but I didn't get through. Then a few days later I got a call from Simon Fuller to come down for a meeting and he offered me a record deal which was fantastic!

Newsround: What happened after you were approached by the record company?
Sarah: I've been in the studio writing and recording and getting to know everybody. I continued to watch Pop Idol even though I was no longer in it. It still interested me.

Newsround: Do you think Pop Idol was a great launch pad for you?
Sarah: Whether it was to win the show or not, I went out there to show my talent and it's just fantastic that I'm sat here today.

Despite failing to make it into the final 10 of Pop Idol, Sarah was offered a top record contract

Newsround: It's been reported that Simon Fuller thinks you'll be bigger than Kylie. What do you think of that?
Sarah: I'm a fan of Kylie's, she's been in the music business for more than 10 years. I've been in it 10 minutes. It's such an honour to be compared with her as she's fantastic. She's got such a massive talent. But hopefully I'll be Sarah Whatmore in my own right one day as a performer.

Newsround: What made you decide to go down the dance route rather than the pop route for your debut single?
Sarah: I think when you first develop as an artist you're going to go in all sorts of directions. I didn't write my debut single, but it's a fantastic track and really catchy. I hope I do the song justice. And I can dance because I'm a trained dancer. It's also a really passionate song, so that's why I went for it.

Newsround: What was it like shooting your video in Mexico?
Sarah: Filming the video was so exciting. I was a bit nervous about going abroad to film it though. It was hard work as well as fun. Three solid days of getting up at 4am and going to bed at 11pm! I had to do a lot of underwater shots and I'm quite scared of the sea, so that was hard but it looks fantastic.

Simon Cowell jokingly asked Sarah to marry him during Pop Idol

Newsround: What's coming up next for you?
Sarah: My debut single - When I Lost You comes out on 9 September, then my second single will come out shortly after that, with my first album due at the end of the year. It's a fairly diverse album and it shows a bit of me and my personality. I'm hoping it'll be liked by lots of people and appeal to all ages.

Newsround: How do you style yourself?
Sarah: I've always been into my clothes and had my own sort of image. I just wear what I feel comfy in.

Newsround: What's it like having a stylist?
Sarah: It's fun really. You've got to have someone helping you out because you're thinking about so much that it's nice to have someone to back you up with fashion choices.

Newsround: What's been the highlight of the last six months?
Sarah: Everything's been like a dream come true for me. I've always wanted to be a performer and since I was 15 I've educated myself in the performing arts. When I was 15 I decided I wanted a record deal and started writing. I went to loads of auditions and got loads of knock-backs, so now I'm here I'm just going to develop it and make as much of it as I can.

Newsround: What were you doing before you became a pop star?
Sarah: I took a year out after college having studied performing arts. Then I worked to save money so I could live in London because that's where all the auditions are. I had three jobs - waitress, bar person and pa /clerical assistant. Doing those jobs made me who am today and it makes me appreciate what I have a lot more.

Newsround: Do you think the stardom will ever go to your head?
Sarah: I think I've been brought up well and am very old fashioned and polite. Sometimes I can be a little bit too nice, but I'm still the same person and hopefully the fame won't affect me in a negative way. I still see my family and friends and I think that keeps me nicely grounded. I can't take anything for granted. At the end of the day it could be taken away as quick as it's been given to me, so whatever comes is a bonus.

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