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  Newsround catch up with The Calling
Updated 28 June 2002, 14.36

CBBC Newsround caught up with lead singer Alex and guitarist Aaron from the American rock band The Calling.

Newsround: Where did it all start for your band?

Aaron: About six years ago Alex and I met. I was dating his sister and we met on a Street called Carmino Parmello which is the title of our record.

Alex: We started a group called Generation Gap - there was a 60-year-old drummer, 40 year-old bass player, I was 15, Aaron was 19.

We got signed about five years ago but they made us wait four years to make a record.

About two years ago we made this record and got the rest of the guys and got the name the Calling and now we're doing it!

Newsround: Bands like yours - when do you get too old - they're in their 40s and 60s?

Alex: Look at the Rolling Stones they've been going for 40 years and they're a rock band.

It's strange to see bands like Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones at their age still doing it - but it's awesome that they can still do it.

Take a band like U2 - I think they're writing some of their best music right now.

Newsround: Your record label didn't let you make a record for ages - why was this?

Alex: The contracts in the record business really are the only contracts that are lifelong - it's a nightmare to get out of it.

We were owned by the record label and weren't allowed to make a record.

All we could do was play the same few clubs in LA - we couldn't tour, we couldn't make money - all we could do was write songs and the record only took three weeks after we finally got in to do it.

Newsround: Before you were signed you did very different things didn't you?

Alex: When I was a little kid - my dad made horror movies - so I played around acting in some of those but that's about it.

Aaron: We were too young to really get working - I was in school - I did stupid summer jobs.

Newsround: What did you do in the horror films?

Alex: I always had very small parts - I had one or two lines - I basically grew up on the sets of horror movies with weird creatures and monsters and stuff - it was fun growing up in that.

Newsround: You've been touring a lot in the States haven't you.

Alex: Yeah, for a year - it's tough - we get to go back home for a week and we don't get a chance to rest - we've been all over the world too.

Newsround: In this country there have been fan sites and message boards about you for a while now and you haven't even released anything yet - how do you feel coming over here knowing you've already got a large fan base?

Alex: We have the coolest fans and they totally support us.

It's great in a country where practically every band we grew up listening to came from - this is where the music that we love originated.

Newsround:Tell me about some of the music that you love that's come from here.

Alex: David Bowie, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Coldplay, Peter Gabriel.

Newsround: How well do bands like that do in the states?

Alex:They do well most of the time. Radiohead and Coldplay did really well.

Aaron: I can pretty much speak for Los Angeles and probably New York - the second any UK band comes they're embraced and loved.

Newsround: Tell me about the single Wherever You Will Go? What's the message in it?

Alex: The real concept was based on losing a relative and the desire to go with them - when someone passes away.

The question of where do they go? That's the basis of the song - the overall meaning is about losing someone in some way and wanting to be with them again.

It's a very sad song but it's been used for lots of sports adverts and movies.

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