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  Beyonce talks to Newsround
Updated 20 June 2002, 17.22
Destiny's Child on stage
Newsround's Becky had a good old chin-wag with Destiny Child singer Beyonce Knowles.

Here's the interview in full!

NR: Are Destiny's Child splitting up?

Beyonce: Oh Gosh. NO! We're still obviously on tour - been on tour for two months now. Michelle's album has been out for almost a month now and we're still performing every night so obviously we're not splitting up. We still have more tours to come, more performances and more albums.

NR: So why did you decide to pursue solo careers?

Beyonce: Well the beautiful thing about everyone supporting each other and communicating and getting along and everyone being so talented individually - then why not? Guys do it all the time, a lot of male groups have done it. When you've been in a group since you were nine and I'm only 20 so that's 11 years - half of my life. All of us individually have something to offer and it'll make us stronger so why not?

NR: So if you are all successful solo will you still stay together?

Beyonce: Definitely. We're still together we still will be together throughout our solo careers. It's not going solo - it's just doing a side project. Just like I did movies and came back, everybody's been doing that for years now. I'm in the group because I love the group and I love the girls and me doing a solo record is not going to change that.

NR: How does it feel performing without Michelle and Kelly

Beyonce: I actually haven't performed without them yet. I've done one or two TV shows - only one I've done by myself - otherwise the girls were there - we had DC stuff to do too. So I don't know how that feels yet but I know it makes me nervous, really nervous without them because that's all I know and I depend on the other girls.

NR: You write and produce most of your stuff don't you? And you also wrote and produced your debut solo single? How did the film come about? Did they ask you to write a song for the film?

Beyonce: Actually, I co-wrote the song and produced it with The Neptunes and it's very strange because I've always wanted to do soul music like from the 70s. I've always loved that and I ended up doing this wonderful movie. I don't know if you've ever heard of Austin Powers - it's huge (giggles) and I was so blessed and so lucky to get a part - just be a part of that movie. In it, I'm an undercover cop, a secret agent, so my first scene in the movie I'm singing and because I perform, they asked me to do a song for the soundtrack. It sounds like my album would have sounded before but it just so happens that it works well together and fits.

NR: You play Foxxy Cleopatra don't you? How did that come about? Is acting something you've always wanted to do?

Beyonce: Yes. I've always loved performing, any kind of entertaining. I felt if the opportunity came then I would do it. They called me - Mike Myers and the director Jay Roach. I had a meeting with them and they told me after two meetings that I had the part of Foxxy. So that was a huge thing for me. I'm so lucky and so blessed and so grateful.

NR: What's Mike Myers like?

Beyonce: He's wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. This is my first big screen movie and I did it with one of the best comedians and actors and writers. He's done an incredible job and I learnt a lot from him and I laughed the whole time.

NR: What's coming up in the next 6 months? Singing/Acting?

Beyonce: We finish the tour. I finish the promotion for the movie and then I start on my album. The movie comes out then right after I start another movie called 'Fighting Temptations'

NR: So what's that about?

Beyonce: Actually we're still working on the script but it's going to be filmed in Atlanta and I'm a country girl which I am in real life from a small town in Alabama and I'm a jazz singer and I have a son and I am the love interest of Cuba Gooding.

NR: Really? That'll be nice!

Beyonce: I'm really excited.

NR: How do you think you'll feel being up there on the big screen. I mean you've been in plenty of music videos?

Beyonce: I can watch videos because I edit it. TV shows I can't watch because it's too weird. I didn't see Carmen until it came on tv. I just now watched the whole thing. I haven't seen Austin Powers yet. I'm waiting until the premiere and I'm doing that on purpose so I can have that excitement. I'm going to be so nervous and that's the weirdest thing. My accent - it'll be - Oh God - and nervous to watch it!

NR: How do you think the film will do?

Beyonce: You know what if I wasn't a part of it... Mike Myers - everything he touches turns to gold because he's so talented and I'm just blessed to be a part of something so huge. I think the movie is going to do excellent. Based on the last movie and this is probably the funniest one.

NR: And you're in it!

Beyonce: I'm lucky. I was happy to be there - learning.

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