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  Our interview with Hear'Say
Updated 17 April 2002, 18.47
While Hear'Say were at Drayton Manor, they grabbed 10 minutes to chat to their favourite news website, CBBC Newsround Online.

Here are the best bits of what they said.

Which ride was your favourite?
Johnny: We're sort of divided. Me, Myleene and Suzie are on the Maelstrom side, but the boys there are on the Apocalypse.

Danny: Because Apocalypse is like a bungy jump, but you're strapped in and it's wicked, and it goes straight up and you lean forward and then you're gone. Literally, it's like your stomach comes out of your mouth.

Did sick come out of your mouth?
Danny: Nah, I'm not sick on it, I get a buzz from it. I think it's great, it's wicked, it's such a good ride.

Noel: I was nearly sick after my second time on the Maelstrom. That's my claim today!

OK guys, you've been a bit quiet recently, what've you been doing?
Myleene: Ah, you see, we planned that. Preparation.

Noel: The calm before the storm.

Myleene: We've been really busy as you know. Johnny came on board and since then it's been really exciting. And we've been in choreography, in the recording studio, and we're releasing in July.

What are you releasing?
Myleene: It's called Loving Is Easy and it's got the hippest groove ever. It's wicked.

What's "the hippest groove"?
Danny: D'you know what it's like? It's like a really good chilled out...

Suzanne: Summer song!

Danny: Summer song - like whether you're playing in the playground or driving in your car or whatever it might be, this song is the one. It's gotta be on your stereo.

What happened with the tour?
Noel: When Johnny came on board, we wanted to provide the fans with the best possible show ever, because our last show was such a success, so we decided to postpone the tour until we've done some more material with Johnny.

Johnny can also learn the new routines and stuff like that so that's the reason why. It wasn't because we couldn't fill arenas or anything like that - in fact, nine months before we were 25 per cent full.

Any dates that you're looking at?
Suzanne: The beginning of next year - it's not definite yet, but it depends on how quickly the turnaround is with the singles.

Last time we went on tour with two hits, and we want to provide the fans with a lot more this time. So whether it's another two hits, or three or four, we're unsure yet. But it's when the time is right and when we feel it's ready.

And how are you feeling Johnny? You've had a lot to do in the past couple of months. It must have been stressful. How are you getting on?
Johnny: Do you know, it's not been stressful at all. It's been great, because it sort of wasn't full-on straight away.

It was - get everything right, go in the studio, work on the songs and the music. Which was the best thing for us really. Because then we can go out and show the fans that it is a little bit different and it's moved on another step.

In what way has it moved on?
Myleene: We've got a facelift for a start. A new band member and already that's a positive slant on things.

And it's all going to be positive from here on. A lot of people said very quickly that it'd be the death of Hear'Say, you lose a member, things are going down. And actually if you look at our sales, two number ones, a number four, that's not bad at all, so you're just going to get more of the same, if not better.

And how does it feel being in a band now without Kym?
Danny: Great. Fantastic. Because we're happy and everyone needs to be in a happy place and that's the past now and this is the future and that's how you have to look at it.

But we'd like to say thank you to the fans because we wouldn't be able to carry on if it wasn't for them.

Hear Hear'Say's full interviewHear Hear'Say's full interview

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