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  S Club fans: 'I cried for three hours'
Updated 28 March 2002, 21.18
Paul and Hannah from S Club
Paul from S Club has broken millions of hearts by quitting the band.

S Club fans everywhere have emailed us at CBBC Newsround Online to say they're devastated by the news.

Click here to send us your comments on Paul leaving

Many of you have been in tears, and say you'll be upset all over Easter.

Natalie, 15, from London, told us: "I cried for more than three hours. I will miss him but I will keep supporting S Club until they really split up."

Fiona, 13, from Billingham, said: "I have been crying for hours but I still love them."

And Joyce, 14, from Holland added: "I cried and cried, and am still crying..."


But however upset you are, most fans reckon they'll stick by S Club no matter what.

In our vote, nearly 70 per cent of you promised to carry on supporting the band - with or without Paul.

Twenty two per cent said they'd wait and see, but only nine per cent of you said you felt betrayed and wouldn't support them anymore.

Will you still support S Club? Vote here

But judging by some of your comments, a few of you at least are angry that Paul's leaving.

Claire, 15, from Leeds said: "I think he should look at what he's got, and stop being selfish."

And some of you weren't even that nice.

Niall, 15, from Holland had this to say: "Who's this Paul guy anyway? One of the wallies prancing around behind Rachel and Jo, no doubt? S Club 6? Sounds fine to me."

Ooh nasty!

Whatever you think, Paul leaving has certainly got you fired up.

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