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  Our view: why has Paul left?
Updated 27 March 2002, 21.10

By Claire Gill
CBBC Newsround Online

Why has Paul gone? It's the question on everyone's lips.

Has he had a tiff with Hannah? Is he too busy dying his hair again?

One thing's for sure - in the happy world of S Club 7, Paul has increasingly been sticking out like a sore thumb.

Rock fan

Things have started to change - and not just because he's started going out with Hannah.

In a recent interview with CBBC Newsround Online, Paul told us how he loved rock music and that he used to be in a rock band.

It seems he wants to go back to his roots and join the nu metal crowd. Maybe he hopes to be like Limp Bizkit or Sum 41?

Personal problems

Or perhaps he's been forced out.

Over the years, the strain of being in S Club started to show on Paul.

Some would say he filled out a little.

Others would say he was the heavy-footed dancer, the quirky member who had a bit of character but wasn't exactly typical boy band material.

And then there were the difficulties after his dad went to prison - fans and fathers don't really mix.

What next?

Understandably the intense media pressure may have made him want to shy away from the limelight. But why re-direct the spotlight so it shines even more brightly on him as a solo artist?

And does Paul have what it takes to crack it on his own?

Robbie Williams re-styled himself and survived. But Paul's never been the first-choice singer. Things must look more doubtful for him.

And what about S Club 7?

So where does that leave the other six?

The pop world has a horrible habit of leaving bands in tatters once the first member has left.

Neither the Spice Girls nor Take That survived for more than a couple of singles once Geri and Robbie left - even though they promised to go on 'forever'.

Final thought

The record company seem to be sticking by the remaining six, saying how everyone is happy and they are all so close, blah de blah.

But can such a split really have a fairytale happy ending?

One thing's for sure - S Club 7 no longer adds up.

What do you think?

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