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  S Club carnival opening night review
Updated 31 January 2002, 07.01
Jon takes to the stage in Dublin
By CBBC Newsround Online's Claire Gill

The S Club Carnival has come to town and doesn't Ireland know it!

If there was a scream-o-meter, The Point in Dublin would have smashed all world records at the opening of S Club 7's 2002 tour, when pictures of the seven were shown on massive video screens either side of the stage.

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And that was before S Club 7 had even left their dressing rooms!

Surprise Pop Idol performance

Crowds had started to arrive from 6.30pm, and the early partygoers were not to be disappointed when they were treated to a surprise appearance by budding Pop Idols, William, Gareth and Darius.

More screams later, and out came the bongos, down went the lights, and up came S Club 7 - literally from underneath the stage!

Dazzling in sequined jeans and colourful tops, the gang launched into a rock version of S Club Party complete with a new-look Paul sporting short shaved bleached blond hair!

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With some new songs from the album Sunshine, each member of S Club tried their hands at solos, some having more success than others.

Rachel's Show Me Your Colours proved that it's not just Jo who can sing. And Jon brought Dublin to a hush, singing and playing the piano like a complete pro.


But just when the crowd started to tire of ballads and the rather plain stage, things heated up in the disco.

Dance, Dance, Dance came complete with some hilarious outfits and break-dancing moves.

Bradley takes to the stage in Dublin
The real sparkles, however, came when a walkway stage was suspended from the air over the audience!

All seven bounded on to it, making you feel like you were really part of the Carnival.

For once, those seated at the back and on the side could see S Club up close - though it wasn't so great for those sitting underneath, who had to crane their necks to see.

S Club go from strength to strength

Special effects aside, S Club got the party going with their funky dance routines and by using loads of different types of music from around the world.

The Carnival tour shows you just how diverse S Club are, a bit like your favourite pick-and-mix.

Five may be forgotten and Steps may have separated but S Club 7 are going from strength to strength. Let's just hope they don't release a greatest hits album just yet!

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for S Club Juniors, who were revealed in Dublin. Their debut single One Step Closer will hit the shops in April. Watch this space for more info!

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