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  Album: Ashlee Simpson: Autobiography
Updated 18 November 2004, 12.11
Ashlee review
Release date: 4 October 2004

Style: Rocky pop with attitude!

How many good tracks: 11/12

Top tracks: Autobiography, Pieces of Me and Shadow

Weakest track: Nothing New

Hit or miss: Definitely a hit! The younger sister of Newlyweds star, Jessica Simpson, has proved that she has loads of talent and attitude!

Ashlee co-wrote every song on the album and she's done a great job! She has a very powerful voice and the overall feel of the album is very up-beat and funky.

If you're into other pop/rock artists like Avril Lavigne then you'll love this album!

Nr rating:

4 out of 5

What do YOU think of Ashlee's debut album?

She is great. Got the album in the USA when I was on holiday. Love the album. She is so much better than Jessica, more my kinda music. Autobiography rocks.
Megan, 12, Medway

It's not rock, it's pop with edge. But what's wrong with that? I like it. All these people think if it's not rock it's rubbish.
David, 13, Cardiff

Firstly, I saw her show on MTV, then I heard the record, and then the video..ASHLEE SIMPSON ROCKS! I love her songs, I think it's the best album of the year.
Pablo, 14, Concepción

I love this CD soo much!!! It is like the best CD ever!!! La La is the best song and she is way better than Avril. Pure pop-rock.
Jenny, 15, New York

Ashlee has a recognizable voice - I really like that. A lot of singers have voices that sound like everyone else's. I do think that only about 5 songs are really awesome on the album, but those songs are some of my favorites. Rock on, Ashlee!
Austen, 12, Colorado

I think Ashlee rocks. I love her songs because I can relate to them.
Denise, 13, Waterbury

I love this album!!! Ashlee is one of my fave singers! My number 1 song by her is Love Me For Me (7 on the CD). I give this album a 9/10!
Brittany, 13, Concord

How can you call Ashlee Simpson rock? And compare her to Avril? Avril is far, far better than Ashlee. Ashlee is not too good - sorry fans!!
Kayleigh, 16, Romford

I loved her reality show in the US (I don't know if it showed in the U.K.) on MTV and so I bought the record. She's not an Avril wannabe. She has her own style and her songs are alot edgier than Jessica's.
Samantha, 12, California

No, No, NOOO! Ashlee Simpson is an Avril wannabe - she's not half as good. Cheesy, OTT vocals and a lack of attitude is how I'd describe her music. You can't say she's got attitude just because she says 'yeah' half way through the song! Her style is unoriginal and bland. Sorry - it's a miss for me!
Rubinda, 15, Reading

I think Ashlee doesn't have as fantastic a voice as Jessica but her songs are better and she has LOADS of personality!
Liz, 14, Dublin

I think it's brilliant. You can tell that she has a great voice on every single. I think this is the coolest album of the year!
Sian, 12, Cryant

I didn't like this album. It was a total waste of money. She isn't rocky! She is pure pop.
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

I think the album is weak, and the only reason why it did so well in America was because of the publicity from Jessica.
Jamal, 14, London

This album is really good. I'd give it 9/10. She is way better than her sis.
Bridget, 11, Chester

This album is great. Ashlee really shows to the world that she is not a clone of her sister, Jessica, but she is her own person.
Abi, 14, Witney

I love this album!!! My fave song is Autobiography and the legend song Pieces of Me!!! There are like two weak songs on the whole album - 9/10.
Megan, 11, Slough

I like it, but she reminds me of Avril a bit too much and most of the tracks are the same. 'Pieces Of Me' is definitely the best.
Sophie, 12, London

Ashlee Simpson has a great, flowing voice and the voice is what grips me to pop singers. This album is great!
Linzi, 14, Monifieth

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