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  Film: Finding Neverland
Updated 16 February 2005, 15.16
Finding Neverland
Release date: 29 October (Cert PG)

The stars: Johnny Depp (J. M. Barrie - the playwright who came up with Peter Pan), Kate Winslet (Sylvia Davies - Johnny's kind-of love interest) , Freddie Highmore (Peter Davies - the inspiration for the boy who never grew up)

The plot: James Barrie is a playwright who is getting slated by the critics.

He doesn't know what to write about next until he meets a family of four young boys who don't have a dad.

He spends all summer playing games with them, which gives him the idea for Peter Pan.

Best bits: It is really fun to see where famous bits from the Peter Pan story might have come from.

The boys' grumpy gran shouts at them while she is holding a coat-hanger - which gives Barrie the idea for Captain Hook.

There won't be a dry eye in the house by the end.

Fave characters: Julie Christie plays nasty nan Mrs du Maurier - she seems really, really mean but she secretly has a heart of gold.

Any slip-ups?: If you're looking for pirates and flying lost boys you won't find them here.

This film is about the man who came up with the story which means you might find it a bit boring.

Some members of the Davies family aren't happy about the film, as they think it goes too far from what actually happens at times.

Hit or Miss: If you're after a slow-moving weepie - you'll love it. If you want action and effects - you might not!

Nr rating:

Three out of Five

What did you think of Finding Neverland?

It was a good idea, and if you like soppy films it's a hit but I don't think it really caught the teen audience. Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor with an "interesting" Scottish accent but I didn't really enjoy the film very much, all of my friends ended up having a chat in the back row instead! 2/5
Lynsey, 15, Perth

I thought it was such a sweet film! The characters were played so well and you really felt part of it. I thought it was quite sad though especially the ending. 9/10, it was great!
Amy, 13, Harpenden

I quite enjoyed the film, and the acting was brilliant, but you have to really concentrate on the plot to understand it all. It's definitely something you should see with your parents rather than with you mates on a Saturday.
Emma, 13, Wolverhampton

I loved this film. Johnny Depp never fails to blow me away by his excellent acting skills. This film is funny and imaginative and pulls on the heart strings the whole way though- it's definitely worth seeing. 10/10
Melanie, 14, Brighton

Brilliant! Really good story line. An excellent part played by Johnny Depp!! Loved it - 5/5!!! I recommend it to anyone and everyone!!
Rebecca, 13, Sheffield

I thought it was a fantastic film. Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore stole the show. Great to see the other side of Peter Pan! 5/5.
Cayleigh, 14, Norwich

Truly magnificent...Johnny's best role to date! Really moving! I went to see it with my mum. I heard it was quite sad, but I didn't realise how sad! She was crying her eyes out and I kind of felt embarrassed and had to keep swallowing them down. The choice of actors was excellent, they all really hit the right spot! An amazing movie! 10/10! One of the best films I've seen in a while!
Lily, 15, Barnet

Well, it was a really nice idea for the story, but I thought it was boring and it didn't grab my attention. Johnny Depp was good though, even if he can't really do a Scottish accent...
Tess, 14, Eastbourne

I love Johnny Depp and he's great in this. It's just not the best story line if you love action films.
Jordan, 11, Watford

I loved this film. Johnny's accent was amazing! I think it's more appropriate for older children as they will be able to understand the story better.
Lizzie, 14, London

I thought the film was boring. I actually left half way through because I didn't understand it and I was falling asleep.
Kelly, 13, Essex

I thought that it was a feeble attempt at telling a superb authors life. I didn't enjoy the acting and that's saying a lot because Johnny Depp is normally excellent. 2/10.
Katy, 15, London

It's really imaginative, and you really believe in the characters. The acting, particularly from Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore, is excellent.
Fiona, 12, Nantworth

I thought the film was really good. Even though it was soppy there were some funny bits as well. I would give it 4/5.
Natalie, 14, Bournemouth

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