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  Single: Busted - Thunderbirds Are Go!/3AM
Updated 28 July 2004, 18.15
Are those Busted boys in tune for another hit?
Release date 26 July 2004

Style: They're Busted tracks. You know what they sound like. The Thunderbirds one is fast, shouty Busted. 3AM is slow, less-shouty, acoustic guitars Busted.

Lyrics: In all honesty Thunderbirds Are Go! is lazily thrown together with the boys trying to fit words to the theme tune of the 70s kids' show. Not up to their usual sing-a-long standards.

Things like "Coz now the boys are back in town, no strings to hold them down down." Coz, Thunderbirds used to be TV programme with puppets and strings. Do you see what they did there?

3AM is more interesting, about having split with a girl and then trying to win them back. But the poor Busted boys are worried that if they do get back together it will all end in tears again.

Will you still be humming it next week? Of the two tracks, 3AM is loads better. It's got a pretty good tune, and is going to end up a real Busted anthem at gigs.

Chart worthiness: Top three.

Nr rating:
Thunderbirds are go!

One out of five

Four out of five

What do YOU think of the Busted tracks?

Thunderbirds is a really cheesy tune that is made for a soundtrack. It's not Busted's usual style. However, they make up for that in 3AM, this track is fab! It is a slow song that is grown up and just plain groovy!
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

Thunderbirds is really good because it's fun to listen to and has a bit of the good old Busted in it. I find 3am a bit boring and slow. 3am: 5/10, Thunderbirds: 9/10
Holly, 12, London

Thunderbirds...hmm, well what can I say...not one I have on my CD player all that often, however 3AM is fantastic I love it. One of their best definitely. Worthy of being released in its own right, definitely needs more my opinion Busted should cool it on the old guitars and lets try and do a song like '3AM' or 'That thing you do' to a simpler tune..would make them so much better!!
Catherine, 15, Manchester

I like 3AM but thunderbirds are go isn't as good in my opinion. Busted always do the same sort of thing but anyway 3AM was great!
Gina, 11, Bristol

I love Busted's new song 3am but to be honest I really don't like the Thunderbirds theme tune and I don't even like Thunderbirds...I've watched Spiderman 2, Harry Potter 3 and Shrek 2, but I will not be watching Thunderbirds. I think that Busted's Thunderbirds song is very cheesy and is very childish but 3am is a bit more grown up and it's not cheesy.
Zahra, 12, Blackburn

I think Thunderbirds are go is alright for a fun tune, but will never be a big hit at the concerts, you just can't sing along to it! 3am however is fab! I really love it. It sounds like oasis could've sung it. It's really cool and interesting.
Ailish, 12, Northallerton

I think Busted are really good! but I think that Thunderbirds is ok but their song 3am is loads better!
Charlie, 14, Charlton

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