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  Book: Pick your brains about... Spain/England/ Italy/ France
Updated 13 September 2004, 12.00
Pick Your Brains - part of the Spain cover
Publication date: July

Pages: 128 each book.

The plot: A handy guide to great places to visit, weird customs, a potted history (in the style of horrible histories) and bizarre facts about the country featured in the title.

It's a guide that would be great to take with you to read on the way to your holiday destination... with none of the stuff that you don't want to read - like boring transport bits or bar and hotel guides.

It's done by the same people that do the adult-version Cadogan guides.

The characters: Some of the artists and aristocracy mentioned in the books! Gaudi and Picasso were quirky guys.

Highlights: Some of the places they mention sound fab and you would never have heard about without a guidebook.

The book on England is rammed with comedy facts and quirky stuff you won't know about the place - even if you live here. I really liked the rude-sounding place names - juvenile but funny!

The essential language bits are handy for your trip. It's nice to see they've used 'guest editors' in most of the books - to really make sure there's stuff to appeal to 12-year-olds in it!

Any weak bits? The font the books are written in looks a bit patronising for the older reader but great for younger ones and it's all really clear and a cracking read.

Unputdownable? Certainly useful to keep to hand on hols.

Nr rating:

Have YOU read this book?

I'll try to get it... sounds good.. Besides, I love Europe.
Belen, 14, Argentina

This sounds really handy! I will make sure I get this soon! It is good timing as I am going on my hols soon!
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

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