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  Film: I, Robot
Updated 19 August 2004, 16.31
Is I, Robot any good?
Release date: 6 August cert 12A

The stars: Will Smith (Detective Del Spooner), Bridget Moynahan (Dr Susan Calvin), Alan Tudyk (Sonny the robot).

The plot: It's 2035 and everyone uses robots to make their lives easier. One company, USR, is about to release millions of its newest robot, the NS-5.

Then, just before it happens, the big-brained scientist who invented the robots is found dead in USR's headquarters.

It's up to detective Del Spooner (Smith) to work out what happened.

Best bits: If you're a fan of Will Smith you're in for a treat, as he pretty much plays Will Smith. It looks really, really cool. The robots look really funky, like iPods and iMacs with legs, arms and faces. The action sequences are excellent.

Fave characters: It's the Will Smith show really. When he's leaping around shooting things he's really cool, and when he's given a chance to act he's good at that too.

Any slip-ups: If you're not a fan of Will Smith you're in for a disappointment. He makes loads of the usual Will Smith-style funny comments in the film, but they're not always what the scenes need. It's a bit slow to get going.

Hit or miss: Fans of sci-fi will like it, as will fans of Will Smith. Fans of big dumb action movies won't, as it's not a big dumb action movie, despite what the trailers make it look like.

Nr rating:

Three out five

What did you think of I, Robot?

I just saw the movie today, and it was much better than I expected it to be. It was gripping, action filled, and unpredictable.
Liz, 13, Swanley

I thought it would be really rubbish, and the only reason I was going was because will smith was in it. When I saw the film I was completely bowled over. It's one of the best films I've seen recently. Will Smith is fantastic actually!!
Rosie, 14, Ramsgate

I thought it was great it had amazing special effects and a good plot. Will Smith was great in it!
James, 13, Shepperton

It was such a great movie. I-Robot deserves at least 4 stars. I didn't wanna see it, but my friends dragged me to it and it was excellent, specially the action scenes! It was very funny
Mac, 15, New York

It was a good film but it did get boring in places. I think Will Smith is a good actor.
Nicholas, 12, Altrincham

I really enjoyed it, it had a really good plot and some new elements which have not been seen on screen before. I had doubts about Will Smith in this role but he did better than I thought he would, overall I didn't expect this film to be as good as it was and I think it was the best film out this year so far.
Andrew, 15, Cleator Moor

It was a good film but it did get boring in places. I think Will Smith is a good actor.
Nicholas, 12, Altrincham

I think it's a very funny film and seeing as I'm not really into sci-fi movies, it's a hit for me!
Jen, 14, Liverpool

I thought it was terrible. How could it go to number 1 in America? Come on who cares about robots. The only good bit is the special effects. But the acting and plot is terrible. I think we should leave this kinda stuff in star wars.
Tate, 14, London

I thought it was a great movie and there was a lot of action. I can't wait to buy the movie!
Danezia, 13, Meriden

I think it was quite funny and action packed.
Garinder, 14, Gravesend

Outstanding. It should definitely be four stars or at least five! (Saw it on holiday). Smith is so funny and along with the robot Sunny (who murdered the professor) he helps to uncover the truth about robots and saves the world from a terrible fate.
Michelle, 13, N. Ireland

I thought it was rubbish and so boring I fell asleep all the way through it and I think Will Smith is a rubbish actor!
Dayna, 15, Nelson

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